Success is the courage to continue…by LK Tommi

Eleven resilient and empowered people share their inspiring stories of determination, persistence, resilience and success, in the book titled Inspiring Moments: Powerful True Stories of Dedication, Perseverance, Resilience and Success.

I am sure you will be inspired by each individual’s exploration of what I call ‘tricky life experiences’ and become captivated by their defining or inspirational moment where they had the courage to take action and do something different.  

Through these stories, you will see how the process of resilience is imperative to successfully adapting to complex or challenging life experiences. 

Each author tells their heartfelt story from a place of passion and being a true learner of life.  

The common thread is that they all discovered the meaning of the experience and took action to apply what they had learned to their lives and others, which ultimately led them to create a resilient future. 

Last month I shared five of the eleven amazing people’s lives. I am honoured to share the next seven stories of resilience. Let me introduce you to:

Karen Brown shares her story and how she discovered her Life’s purpose. Have you noticed that in this lifetime, we sometimes have to go through different life experiences to understand and connect with our Life’s purpose? That is exactly what Karen has done, and now she teaches how you can live a life more authentic to yourself. If you would like to learn more about what Karen has learned in her Life’s journey, visit

Dayana Yiseth Barros Díaz titled her story Being Human: The Awakening Story goes a long way to answering my philosophical question, as she wholeheartedly believes, “If you were able to see how magnificent it is to be human, then you would unleash all your full potential and notice the divine sparkle that you are”.

Timothy Born (AKA Tim) from Mindcom: Tim’s life has undoubtedly evolved from uncertainty to purpose-driven. As human beings, we are all here to evolve in one way or another. Tim shares his life learning through teaching others to transform their skills and lives through public speaking, relationship skills coaching, conflict resolution coaching, mindful leadership, and mind management coaching. To learn more, connect with Tim at

Ella Laine shares what she has learned through her lifetime’s story, as Life is about learning. Sometimes, we come to planet Earth to learn life lessons about a particular topic, concept or theme that we have yet to explore in other lifetimes.

Michelle Reinhardt wholeheartedly believes in having Faith until you make it. FAITH is an acronym that stands for Freedom, Alchemy, Integrity, Transcendence and Happiness. I love this saying, “One cannot create a new life from the mess it was created in.” We are all here on planet Earth to transform or evolve as people, and there are times when we have to break down before we can break through. If you are curious, visit:

Loz Antonenko shared her story of transcending life’s challenges to engage as a beacon of resilience and vitality. Loz’s story is titled From Stuck to Unstoppable: Embracing Life’s Challenges and Steering You Through the Labyrinth of Your Thoughts and Emotions, and this is precisely what I love to teach young people at The Resilience Tutor. Loz shares how she is now the architect of her Life’s narrative and has honed the art of turning adversity into a catalyst for transformation. If you would like to learn more, please visit

Adrian Kuiper of APK Towing and Transport, a local family Brisbane-based towing and transport business, shares his determination and persistence in travelling the road of a lifetime, sharing how he went from passion to a vision to challenges that he took in his stride every day as he created a business from nothing to the most fantastic business of a lifetime. For all your transport and towing needs, visit:

After all, resilience is the art of life!

Every one of our life and resilience stories should be celebrated. Let the celebration begin! Please join me in reading and celebrating their stories by buying a copy of Inspiring Moments: Powerful True Stories of determination, perseverance, resilience and success. To get a copy of your book in time for Christmas, please email me at

Share the gift of Resilience this Christmas time!

When young people participate in Resilience Tutoring, they gain the powerful tools to help young people navigate life’s curve balls. They learn the power of determination, persistence, resilience and success. They also, learn the power of telling their resilience stories, just like the amazing eleven people who have shared their story.

Just as young people engage in tutoring for their academic development, we believe they should have access to the same support for their social and emotional development. This means that when life throws its inevitable curve balls, young people are equipped with practical tools to navigate life’s experiences with confidence.

My name is LK Tommi – I’m an educator working in the education and psychology field, and the author of a resilience-based book and journal series supporting children and teenagers to better understand their emotions, thinking, energy, and behaviour, and how it all connects with their everyday life experiences.

The people that know me well will tell you how much I love to chat.

Please connect with me at Facebook and Instagram: The Resilience Tutor


LK Tommi

LK Tommi helps children and families to cope with negative life experiences by teaching resilience skills.

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