The Art of Procrastination: To procrastinate or not… LK Tommi

Is procrastination a topic you love to explore, ignore or embrace? For me, this is one topic that I love to ponder the deeper meaning of.

Do you have a strong connection with procrastination and truly understand what happens when procrastination appears in your life?

I would love to dispel a myth for you: procrastination is not laziness; it’s a behaviour caused by stress or tricky thoughts and emotions. Procrastination shows up in our lives in very different ways. How does procrastination show up for you?

 When procrastination shows up, I use the Resilience Tutor problem-solving model to understand ‘why’ it is showing up in my life. When we understand the ‘why’ of procrastination, we connect with it.

There is no definitive starting point when using this model; you might want to delve into the energy, emotions, and thoughts about why ‘procrastination is here’; procrastination has its own energy.

We will have an emotional response to procrastination when we need to have a deeper connection with ‘why’ it has shown up in our lives. Emotions send us messages about what is happening for us.

Procrastination is doing the same thing; it is sending us a message. That message could be that you feel stuck or overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first or next. Should we be doing whatever we are procrastinating about? Or, you might get curious about why procrastination is here and see it from different perspectives. I have an excellent exercise for this if you are curious and want to get creative about procrastination.

I like to interact with ‘procrastination’ as if it is a thing or a person. If we see procrastination as a person, we can sit down and talk about procrastination, just like we are two old friends that haven’t seen each other in ages. If we see procrastination as a thing, we can study it from many different angles and gain a new perspective.  

At times, it is hard to understand ‘why’ procrastination is here, and acknowledging that procrastination is around us might be to acknowledge it, and the acceptance will flow. For other people, this is their first starting point: simply acknowledging and accepting it is here.

Procrastination shows up in our bodies and our brains. Do you know what part of your body and brain procrastination resides in? Procrastination is a connection between our unconscious mind and our body; this is ‘why’ I love this topic so much because it is intriguing to see how, when and why it shows up. When it does show up, what does it look, sound and feel like?

This is exactly what we do at the Resilience Tutor, we explore what procrastination looks, sounds and feels like. We really delve deep into understanding how procrastination turns up in our lives, how to tune out of procrastination, and how to tune into our full potential. 

One of the exercises we do to connect with ‘procrastination’ is to ‘tune in’ to procrastination through imagery. When we did a workshop recently the participants chose these pictures to understand the topic of procrastination for themselves. Which one would you have picked, or can you find a picture that connects with your procrastination self?

The processes we teach at The Resilience Tutor doesn’t only work with the topic of procrastination. It can be used for any concept that is showing up in your life right now. When something shows up in your life, it means it is here for you to connect with and explore. That, to me, is the exciting part of life.

The best part of working with The Resilience Tutor is that when you learn a new way of connecting with yourself to understand what is happening, you can use the processes that we teach, time after time, again and again. I like to say you have a tool for life.

Contact me today to book a session and discover how you can ‘tune out’ of procrastination and ‘tune in’ to your full potential.

Let 2024 be the year we embrace everything that shows up in our lives, whether it is procrastination or something else. After all, Resilience is the Art of Life.

Here are some people who embraced 2024 through understanding The Art of Procrastination:

My name is LK Tommi – I’m an educator working in the education and psychology field and the author of a resilience-based book and journal series supporting children, teenagers and adults to truly connect and understand their emotions, thinking, energy, and behaviour and how it connects with their everyday life experiences.

The people who know me well will tell you how much I love to chat.

Thank you for connecting with me through:

Facebook and Instagram: The Resilience Tutor


LK Tommi

LK Tommi helps children and families to cope with negative life experiences by teaching resilience skills.

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