The Magic of your Inner Child by Joanne’s Spirit

Think about the last time you did something deemed as being immature or childish…

When we are children, our imagination and playfulness make our days happier. We are told in our teenage years to start growing up, so the first things to go are the ‘childish’ things.

As children we are aware, alert, relatively naive and innocent with a thirst for knowledge. Most of us develop an imagination spurred on by nature, others, our environment, screen time and more.

Children can be superheroes and we love their role playing. In adulthood it is different and if you walked into a corporate setting dressed as Superman, pretending to fly and telling co-workers the photocopier is Kryptonite, you would be frowned upon, mocked and probably lose your job.

When we were children, most of us knew who we wanted to be. What was it you wanted to be? Perhaps a supermodel?  Or a model citizen such as a schoolteacher. I wanted to be a nurse, and after various jobs I am now a healer.

It’s the child within us that is more spiritually in tune, creative, resourceful, fearless, fun, and semi compliant and the happiest part of you. As adults, it’s all about compliance and the “done thing” which creates fear, anguish, stress, tears, and dread (also deemed to be maturity, responsible behaviour and more). Therefore, in retirement you could find you’re grumpy and fail to fill in your days with enjoyable things because you spent most of your life forgetting to have fun.

You would have to admit that when we see a child playing or watch an animated film or remember Mary Poppins, that child in us sparks. The rush of joy that puts the smile on your face. It is a blissful feeling.

You can have that feeling daily; all you need to do is tap into the inner child and let the magic out to play. It might be as simple as a ‘knock knock’ joke from when you were eight. You might decide to have some fun on the slide in the local park or fly a kite. Perhaps make a mudpie and use your artist talents to do a Mandala on top! Whatever you choose, let your inhibitions go for those minutes and feel invigorated, childish and carefree again.

Joannes Spirit

Joanne's Spirit is a nature inspired soul reader and healer that will help initiate your journey of self-discovery.

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