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Raw Raspberry and Vanilla Chia Pudding

Raw Raspberry and Vanilla Chia Pudding (dairy free, vegan, paleo)
(serves 2)

– 2 cups raw home-made cashew milk or vegan milk substitute (*directions for how to make your own cashew milk are below)
– 5 tablespoons chia seeds
– 2 teaspoons vanilla powder
– 4 medjool dates, soaked overnight
– 2 handfuls raspberries
– 1 teaspoon maca powder
– toppings of choice (I have used fermented coconut yoghurt and cacao nibs!)

1. Combine all of the ingredients together in a blender
2. Blend once until well combined then allow to sit for a few minutes. Blend again twice more allowing the chia seeds to swell a little more each time. This will ensure the seeds stay separated and do not hold together.
3. Serve as desired and garnish with delicious seasonal toppings, fruit and yoghurts.

– 1 cup cashews, soaked overnight
– 3 cups filtered water
Blend the nuts and water together until well combined and creamy. Using a nut milk bag or muslin cloth strain the milk to remove the cashew pulp leftover. The cashew pulp is great for cashew cheese, raw desserts or sauces! The milk must be kept in the fridge and will last 4-5 days. Feel free to experiment with nut milks adding spices or natural sweeteners.

This is a simple and squeaky clean raw recipe to throw together and pop in a jar ready for breakfast on the go or weekend picnics”.

The recipe crafted by Marie Anita from Marie Anita’s Gluten Free Health Cafe, Burleigh Heads.

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