2021 – Reset, and make it a year that matters for you…by Trish Rock

After the turmoil and chaos of 2020, you may well be asking what 2021 holds in store.

This of course is a complex question as there is a complex system of life and control here on planet Earth.

2020 set off massive changes that will never go back to the normal you knew and were comfortable with on the most part. 2020 also began the changes that we, as a collective, have been asking for, for a long time now.

As conscious human souls we must understand this.

We will continue to see the ongoing rise of the new and the demise of the old over the next few years and it would be unrealistic to think things will miraculously be ‘back to normal’ this year, or ever again.

What is realistic however is how you decide to move forward with your life. In your mind, heart, and hands you hold the key to the reality you want to experience. In your perception of that reality, you can then choose how you feel about not only what you have created, but what is going on externally to that.

Many clients I see and people in my community ask questions that relate to this all the time:

~How can I be happy when the world is crumbling around me?

~How can I feel like I am in charge of what happens in my life when there are so many external factors that create changes I hadn’t expected or wanted?

~With structures crumbling and shifting globally, how can I feel secure and safe in my life?

When the focus is outside of yourself it can seem hard and hopeless sometimes. This is why the focus must be internal and the vision you hold for the future you desire must be nurtured more than the fears that arise.

What is the experience you wish to see in your immediate external reality?

What do you wish to see, feel, and experience in your inner reality?

These are the questions that will serve you well this year as you create the reality you wish to see and be in. The external is still shifting (as always) and changing and as a human you can easily get caught up in the fear and worry of that, but this does not serve you nor humanity as a whole.

One of the greatest gifts from 2020 was increased self-awareness, empowerment and clarity, and this is what will carry you with grace through 2021.

What is it that really matters most to you in life? That may very well have changed since the beginning of last year. This is where your focus can really make the most difference and where you will feel the changes.

In my opinion this is actually getting us all back to what matters in life with more of a heart-based vision rather than a vision of what we hold in the physical realm.

Reset your reality within first, which will then flow outwards into your experience. This also then flows and melds into the experience of others who can then feel more confidence and awareness to create their own reality in a new way too.

What is it in your life that you wish to be, do, have, and experience this year and beyond?

Take a few deep breaths each day this month of January and tune in to this. If you already have clarity around it, it will be enhanced. If you are still finding clarity this will certainly help.

Trust your inner voice and feelings as this is where most of the answers are.

To submit questions on this topic please comment or connect with me through messenger on Facebook/Instagram.

Trish xo


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Trish Rock | Psychic | Spiritual Guide | Transformation Mentor  

Trish is a Psychic, Spiritual Guide and Mentor who has been guiding people into new perspectives and clarity in their lives for over 30 years now. Sharing intuitive insights and messages from Spirit to allow and help you find freedom, purpose and flow again, you can enjoy more success, better relationships and greater passion every day with ease and grace.

Using Spiritual Connection, Intuitive Messages, Tarot, Oracle, Chakra Energy and Numerology Trish helps you find solutions to your current issues in life right now.

“You CAN have the life you desire and I would love to guide you through the how’s, the why’s and the way!” Trish xox



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Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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