Celebrate You and Your Business by Jean Sheehan

I have a confession to make to you. And it is related to my business and me as a leader in my field of work. I am about to keynote speak on medical intuition on my 8th cruise ship and I have just realised something. In fact, I feel embarrassed I have not done this yet especially as I teach it in my Law of Attraction event  Millennium Calendar®.

I have not celebrated myself for speaking on cruise ships. You see, a few years ago I took my husband on a cruise ship for the first time and I was entertained by a speaker. I said to myself, “I will do that one day”. That was in August and the following year in November, I found myself speaking on my first cruise ship. At that time, I was editing my first book. My mind was so focused on the editing, that I did not acknowledge where I had come from to where I was. It is a huge achievement to speak about medical intuition to ‘mainstream’ and especially on a cruise ship of 2000+ people. The following year again I spoke on a cruise ship and I was editing two books this time which I wrote in five days. Again, I did not acknowledge or celebrate me and what I had achieved.

Why am I telling you this? It is a must for you to celebrate yourself in life and business. I had done elsewhere but it is only on this 8th cruise I suddenly said “WHAT AM I DOING? Life is a celebration, especially if we are alive and able to eat, talk and walk.

I have learnt to celebrate my other achievements such as creating the world’s first accredited medical intuitive courses, the world’s first and only medical intuitive cards, the world’s first and only Amazon bestselling colouring-in book and eBook colouring-in book, teaching medical intuition at university, winning awards as a medical intuitive and having created my own business from just a tiny concept.
Today make it a MUST you celebrate you each and every year. Celebrate yourself as a person and all you have achieved, tried and been. In business, it is so important to see yourself!

Jean Sheehan is a 5-time Amazon best selling author and award winning Medical Intuitive. You may like to purchase her Medical Intuitive Oracle Cards – the only type in the world.  https://www.MillenniumEducation.com



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