A channelled message of joy, hope and love by Jacqueline Murray

Dear Ones, as you head towards the end of the year, we ask that you take time to stop and reconnect within. Reconnect with yourself. This year has seen many changes on earth and to the collective consciousness. Many of you have shed old beliefs, habits and reactions to events and have started creating a new way of living. A life of simplicity and focusing on what is truly important in life and willing to choose a different way of being. Many of you are tired from the changes and it is time to rest awhile. We ask that you take time to fill your heart, soul and whole being with love, joy, and hope. Allow yourself some space to breath from the years events before the year is over. Now is a good time to prepare, heal and recover as you finalise this year and welcome in the new year.

Where can you bring more joy into your life? Joy brings with it a sense of wonder, a curiosity about life and a willingness to experience new things. What fills your heart up? What do you enjoy doing that you haven’t done in a while? Think of it, remember how this felt. Make time in your life to do it. Make it a new habit, a new practice and include it in your life.

Joy feels like gratitude. When we see through the eyes of gratitude all that we are, all that we have been and all that we can be, it fills our whole being with joy. Where can you be grateful for you and your life? Have you lost sight of the gifts that show up each day for you? Have you stopped looking? Make time today to see through the eyes of gratitude and bring joy to your heart.

Where have you locked love out? What could your world look like if you allowed love in? Look around your world and see all the love that is there, the love that is waiting for you to allow it in. Receive it all. You are worthy of love. Radiant that love inwards and outwards. Allow it to be present in every interaction you have with yourself and with another. Love will guide you into finalising the year and bringing in the energies of the new year.

Where have you given up on hope? Hope teaches us to want to do more, be more, experience more and know that we can change anything in our world. Hope combined with joy and love give us the gift to restore, heal and reconnect to that deep inner knowing that we have hidden away. It gives us a sense of purpose in knowing that it is possible to create a life we love and that we are enjoying living in. Hope brings with it the desire to dream, to act and create.

When you welcome in joy, hope, and love you allow yourself to restore and let go of what is no longer needed. What can you do to look after you and prepare for the new year that you know is waiting for you. You can feel it, you can feel the new year’s energy as it approaches. Allow yourself to heal and rest as you dream of a new world for all.

You are dearly loved xx

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Many of my articles are channelled and I don’t often know what I write about until after they are written. I have learnt to trust the process and know that is what is needed. You can also have a read of my other articles on the Holistic Bliss website which also give you more tools, questions and strategies.

If you feel drawn to have a session, you can connect with me at:  connectingwithjacqueline@gmail.com

With Love and Gratitude

Jacqueline xx

Jacqueline Murray

Jacqueline Murray is an intuitive energy mentor, assisting people for over 25 years. Maybe you have been searching, learning, seeking and know there is more, Jacqueline is here to guide you if you desire more harmony, clarity and a deeper connection to you.

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