A Higher Love by Janet McGeever

The biology of human reproduction is a miracle.

That the simple act of making love can begin the spark of conception and gestate inside a woman’s body to become another human being is a revelation. This miracle requires a downward movement of energy and a physical and energetic release of orgasm for the wonder to complete itself.

All of life exists only due to this powerful reproductive force within each living thing – from the single micro-organism to the most complex of animals, including we as human beings. Yet it is we as humans that have been given the gift of consciousness, the cognitive ability to think and act beyond animal responses.

We think that sex begins in the genitals but in actual fact, it begins in the brain, in the pituitary and the pineal gland. Hormones are released and energy travels to the genitals and leave the body in the downward release of orgasm. This is called the Reproductive Phase of Sex.

It is an accepted fact that this is all there is to sex, but in this picture, we are only living one half of our potential. Human sexuality has the capacity to transcend beyond the reproductive function of sex to higher states.

Traditionally in Tantric practice and yoga, there are techniques to cultivate this. However, a simple change in how you make love will do the trick, without needing to engage such techniques.

The Spiritual or Generative Phase of Sex

Instead of the build-up energy of orgasm being released out of the body, the energy can be contained and regenerated within the body. This is called the Generative Phase in Sex.

The downward force of orgasm and ejaculation is usually reached through tension. Whereas the generative force, the containment of the energy, is accessed through relaxation.

This is why this is also called the Spiritual Phase of Sex, because this is what creates transformation within the person.

This containment is not created by suppression of the sex energy, but through the simple yet powerful act of awareness. Thus, the energy instead expands through the body, creating an environment during lovemaking that allows it to be reabsorbed, bathing the entire body, the genitals, the endocrine system, the brain, every cell, with the release of soothing chemicals (hormones) that actually regenerate both partners.

Making love in this way, changes you. Your whole nervous system settles. You are more relaxed with your partner and life. You simply become more loving. And who doesn’t want that?

Janet is a speaker, author and counsellor and presenter of The Making Love Retreat for couples in Australia and holds transformational events for women. This is an excerpt from her upcoming book, ‘Tantric Sex and Menopause’.  www.janetmcgeever.com  


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