A Paradigm Shift in Health and Disease: Exploring the EESystem by Vivienne Spanopoulos

In the late 1800s, a scientific rivalry unfolded between the well-known Louis Pasteur and the less-famous Antoine Béchamp. Pasteur introduced the widely accepted ‘germ theory,’ suggesting that every illness stems from a specific microbe. Conversely, Béchamp proposed that our bodies function as ‘miniecosystems,’ and when the internal terrain weakens due to factors like poor nutrition, toxicity, or prolonged stress, it becomes conducive to the proliferation of pathogenic microbes.

An illustrative example of the impact of weakening forces on the body’s ecosystem comes from a mid-1980s study[1] on French children with wild-type varicella (chickenpox). Notably, deaths occurred only in a subset of children who had weakened internal terrains due to long-term steroid medication use, emphasizing the crucial role of the body’s terrain.

Analogous to tending to a plant’s environment rather than blaming the plant itself, a similar approach is proposed for human health. Rather than solely targeting and eliminating diseases, the focus should shift to understanding the internal conditions when ill health arises.

Three key parameters must be considered:

  1. Cell Millivoltage: A healthy cell measures between 70-90 millivolts, while serious diseases may reduce it to 20 or below. The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) is known to raise cell millivoltage, revitalizing clients and helping restore a healthy cellular charge.
  2. pH Levels: Maintaining a neutral pH around 7 is vital for health. Acidic environments are associated with disease states, influenced directly by diet. An alkaline-forming diet is recommended to restore pH balance, (i.e. eating fruit, vegetables & sprouted grains) with stress also noted as a contributor to an acidic state.
  3. Oxygenation: Diseases often correlate with lower oxygenation levels. Higher oxygenation is linked to overall health and wellness. Otto Warburg’s research highlighted the importance of adequate oxygenation for cell health.

In the Western health model, the common question is often, ‘How do I kill the cancer/ the disease/ the germ?’ However, the focus should shift to optimizing the internal environment:

Low cell millivoltage (20 millivolts or lower)

Low pH, leaning towards acidity

Low levels of oxygenation

Addressing these factors rather than just targeting the disease itself is crucial for sustained health. The question becomes, ‘How do I increase my cell millivoltage? How do I re-optimize my pH? How do I boost oxygenation levels?’

Research on the EESystem indicates its potential to positively impact cell millivoltage, pH balance and oxygenation levels (refer to https://scalarlounge.org/research/).

This transformative perspective on health, emphasizing terrain optimization, promises to redefine our approach to achieving optimal health and wellness.

To experience the EE system, book a 2-hour session at the Scalar Lounge and use holistic bliss to receive 30% off your first 2 hour session in Woolowin: www.scalarlounge.org

[1] Reference: François P, Guyot A, Jean D et al. [Complications of varicella as a function of the terrain. Apropos of 103 cases.] [Article in French] Pediatrie 1985;40(2):99-106.

Vivienne Spanopoulos

Vivienne Spanopoulos has been in the health industry for over 30 years. As an international yoga teacher, bioenergetics & detox practitioner, Vivienne returned to Australia from Singapore to open Scalar Lounge, a 24-unit EESystem, offering multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields.


  • I really like the pointer at the internal environment. For me, it’s a slow process to come back from past mistreatment of self and subsequent damage.
    Thankyou 🙏🏻


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