All Hail The Queen! Energy that is! By Amy J Young

You may have noticed lately that the term, “Queen Energy” seems to be prevalent in the energetic collective field, a congruent transition of the divine feminine rising. The growing notion of bringing balance to the masculine and feminine energy is being welcomed into metaphysical conversations worldwide.

The historic idea of a single monarchic reign is slowly dissipating and making way for a new shared collective response focused on an empathetic equanimity.

Thanks to the continued ascendance of the feminine, we are awakening to the ideas of archetype energy traits that sit within the main dualistic energetic fields with “Queen” energy being hailed as one high calibre frequency potential.

Outgrowing its old-world 3D idealistic function, Queen energy is now revealing its true identity! What once was a title held only by a select few, is now being celebrated as one available to everyone.

So what are some of the traits of Queen energy?

A Queen finds her power from her innate truth, knowing that she is the true ruler of her thoughts, emotions and decisions. She understands fully that her inner kingdom is ruled by her own sovereignty and omniscient power that in turn is reflected back to her in her external world. She confidently wields self-responsibility, self-care and self-love, as her influential tools in creating energetic flow to any arising situation or desire in her own vibrational field.

A Queen rules her kingdom and guides those within it with an equitable kindness. She makes informed decisions from her heart based on a resolution of peace and harmony. She may take her time to consult her intuition and consider all facets of information before taking any formidable action, but once her mind is made up, she will stand confidently by her decisions.

She understands her kingdom and all who dwell within it, respecting that they all play a vital role that is equally as important as the next. Her regal responsibility is to use her wisdom for the benefit of others within her nurturing space and to rule compassionately by her own example. She leads with the intention of showing others that they too can rise into their own unique Queen energy alongside her.

The rise of the next level Queen energy is here and she is here to stay! And not to worry, there is an equally powerful counterpart in the rising of the “King” energy, who when in harmony, are tearing down historic paradigms of an autocratic hierarchy and ruling side by side towards a rising collective consciousness based on unity.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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