Are you in the dark when it comes to Light and your Health? By Christopher Henderson

As a health practitioner, I began to see that clients who worked in environments where they were exposed to high levels of artificial lighting throughout the day, then at night in their own homes, (whilst having little natural sun exposure during the day), would continue to struggle with their health despite their best efforts to follow a healthy diet and my supplement and exercise protocols.

This intrigued me into further research which led to the discovery that modern artificial lighting such and LED, CFL and older fluorescent tubes are emitting frequencies of light in a very narrow range.

This causes massive oxidative stress in the eyes, disrupts hormone production, elevates cortisol and blood glucose levels and reduces the ability for our bodies to use melatonin at night to sleep and recover.

Prior to introducing this knowledge to clients, I began to incorporate sensible outdoor sun exposure during work breaks and mitigated all artificial blue light exposures at night by using blue light blocking glasses and non-blue light emitting light bulbs in my home.

Consequently, I began to experience amazing results such as better sleep and totally reversing having to wear prescription glasses that I had needed for 10 years. These results shouldn’t be surprising, considering that humans have spent thousands of years in their development exposed to certain frequencies of light that nature has provided in balance such as ultraviolet and near-infra red.

We are literally tuned into the colours and frequencies from light both natural and artificial, via receptors in our eyes and skin that affects every aspect of our physiology. It’s amazing to think that in our busy modern world we spend two-thirds of our time living under artificial lighting and we are not paying attention to the consequences for our body and mind.

Whilst public awareness has increased around the importance of organic food, supplements, pure water, and clean air, the element by which our very life is sustained – light – is often forgotten about or misunderstood.

As a health practitioner, I now include lighting assessments into all of my health consultations and a full review of the natural and artificial light exposures my clients have on a daily basis in order to identify their risk factors, along with educating them on solutions that support their health while living and working indoors.

Clients who have adopted these strategies have reported better sleep, less fatigue and more energy when they begin to strike the right balance between their use of technology and the body’s demand for more natural, harmonising frequencies.

Ready to revamp your light environment to support your health?

Contact me for a free 30 minute assessment. I provide: – Home & Office Lighting Solutions – Lighting Plan Consultations – Blue Light Mitigation Glasses & Products – Light Therapy Devices – Sleep, Stress hormones & Vitamin D Testing.

Chris Henderson – ‘Functional Diagnostic Nutrition’ Practitioner and Healthy Lighting Consultant: Contact: Ph: 0431193181


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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