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Living a life based on gratitude, passion, and financial freedom are the key values that have taken former model and Mrs Australia-World, Sarah-Rose Sellars, to where she is today, a passionate role model to thousands.

This vibrant mother of four lives an extraordinary life that has not come by accident.

Sarah-Rose has transformed her life in so many ways, especially over the past 12 months as a leading trail blazer with the global company Monat, a naturally based healthy ageing, haircare, and skincare house.

When life meant working three or more jobs as a single mother and still not being able to make ends meet, Sarah-Rose knew there had to be a better way for herself and her family. She was constantly anxious and feeling stuck but coming from a long line of strong women, she knew that this was her time to truly stand up and create the life she deserved and desired!

Sarah-Rose has high work ethics and a strong level of tenacity when it comes to her passion in life and goal of helping 10,000 families change their circumstances and generational patterns and become independently wealthy and free.

“Face it ‘till you make it,” is one of my favourite sayings that has helped me grow from struggle to success and I still use it and teach it,” says Sarah-Rose when asked about how she has changed her life so quickly in so many ways. She believes hard work always outweighs talent and she encourages her team, family, and others to always be the hardest worker in the room and go the second mile not the extra.

The Monat company has values and ideals that match with Sarah-Rose’s deeper values and core beliefs which was one of the reasons it aligned so well, and she couldn’t wait to jump on board!  Their mission to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through exceptional, naturally based products; a fun and rewarding business opportunity; and a culture of family, service, and gratitude spoke to her immediately.

After a career as a hairdresser which she had to end due to the toxicity in the products, it was a dream come true to find a company, only 12 months ago, which was not only creating products that are toxin free and naturally based in every way but also had a genuine dedication to giving back and helping others build beautiful lives.

The importance of sustainability and the ethics of gratitude are also huge factors and similarities with Monat and Sarah-Rose, which she loved.

Keeping a balance with work, family and her partner is made easier with this lifestyle Sarah-Rose now enjoys and she is grateful every day to be able to be there for her children and have one of the most supportive and loving partners who encourages her daily and is in awe of who she is becoming and what she has achieved.

“I love that I can be there after school and whenever I am needed as a mother by my children. A far cry from how things used to be when I was struggling, working 3 jobs, not getting anywhere, and burning out.”

A testament to her strong personal development journey and mindset.

‘I can feel there is something big coming. Living my vision and helping young mums and families to create a life they love, become more confident and self-assured, is only the beginning. When I am standing on the Monat stage, each time I get to new levels in the company, I want my team to be there too!’

A natural leader and teacher, Sarah-Rose wants everyone to win at life.

“There have been those times in the past 12 months of creating my vision with Monat that the tall poppy syndrome has been apparent, but my philosophy is: Another level, another devil!”

And even while her social media accounts were being hacked and closed down, she still rose to new levels in the company, not by focusing on those that would drag her down but putting her attention and energy to those whom she could help.

“The comeback is always bigger than the set back! Those who get triggered and try to bring me down, I know it’s not forever. When feeling threatened, people will act in different ways towards me. I simply stay in my own energy, do more of my personal development work daily such as meditation, movement, yoga, Paddle board yoga, be in nature, and use my mindset practices. Stay kind, stay in your own lane.”

Sarah-Rose says she is so focused on where she is going, she shifts her energy when something goes wrong by stopping and asking – what is happening here, what can I do, and who can I help? The diamonds are already there. Simply find them.

‘I am determined to serve. Everything is an opportunity.”

In the first 6 months of being in Monat, Sarah-Rose was one of the top 3 money earners, then top earner, and continues to hit high level goals and markers which has also meant she has enjoyed 2 amazing holidays this year thanks to Monat, one in the Maldives, along with a new car that was presented to her recently!

“It’s all coming to me and my family now in the right timing and as I teach this to others, my passion is to help them out of the anxiety and struggle I was in for so long. I am living my dream life right now and I can’t wait to see what else is coming!”

If you are ready for life to be a grander version of what it is now, Sarah-Rose is the perfect role model, teacher, and mentor and can help you on your journey to wellness, vitality, and freedom. She is filled with a bright light that comes straight from her heart, a passion that is tireless and a gratitude and energy for life that is contagious.

The amazing adventure of life, through many different careers and directions, has brought Sarah-Rose to a place she didn’t think could be a reality for her. When seeing others posting on Instagram about their holidays and amazing lifestyles, she thought it was all fake and she didn’t think it would ever be possible!

Her passion for creating a better life, having more time for and with her children, enjoying a deeper more fulfilling relationship and having the time and financial freedom she dreamt about, was far stronger than the fear she had of saying yes to herself and a new career/lifestyle.

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