Are you living your life based on your choices? by Jacqueline Murray

Each day we get to make choices about our life. We get to choose our thoughts, feelings and actions. We have the power within us to choose what it is we want for our life. Often when working with a client I remind them of this, as they may have gotten in the habit of looking externally for someone else to make the choices for them. It’s good to discuss with others the choices you would like to make but ultimately you are the one to choose. When we look to another to choose for us we dishonour ourselves, we don’t trust ourselves, we put ourselves last by not trusting our own intuition and our own knowing. 

When working with clients and discussing choices that they have, I hear their beliefs in our conversation. I hear their words and follow the energy of where that comes from. Here are some examples that I have heard. You might also relate to some of these:

  • But I made a choice and now I have to stick with that.
  • What if I choose that and it doesn’t work?
  • I’ve made my bed and now I must lay in it.
  • I can’t possibly let so and so down by choosing something different.
  • I’m stuck with this now.
  • I don’t know what else to choose.
  • If I choose that my parent/friend/partner won’t like it.
  • Making a choice to change a habit that you really don’t want to, so you don’t make that choice but still complain about that habit and it not working for you.
  • By not making a choice you are giving yourself permission to stay exactly where you are in life and still complain about it.
  • Old limiting belief that you can’t make different choices all the time.
  • Sometimes making certain choices means you put yourself first and that goes against a current belief.

After listening and hearing the underlying beliefs that are driving a client to not make the choices they would like, we work together on creating an action plan. . Generally by now clients know what they want to choose. We work together to clear the energy attached to that, the old beliefs that are holding them back and give permission for them to choose what they know is right for them. Choosing not to make a different choice when you know what you are doing isn’t working for you anymore creates fear, stress, illness and a life that you do not enjoy and love.

What if you knew what you needed to choose for you and you chose it anyway, regardless of what others think? Would that excite you just a little bit or a lot? 

Giving yourself permission to choose again and again and again if you need to can feel scary and empowering. You may not know how it is going to look and that it is ok, choose it anyway if it feels right for you. This is your life.

What have you been wanting to choose but haven’t yet? Is it time to go choose it?

If you would love some guidance and support in creating change in your life, I hold sessions with clients and would love to hear from you. You can connect with me at 

Love and Gratitude


Jacqueline Murray

Jacqueline Murray is an intuitive energy mentor, assisting people for over 25 years. Maybe you have been searching, learning, seeking and know there is more, Jacqueline is here to guide you if you desire more harmony, clarity and a deeper connection to you.

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