Breaking Free, Living a Congruent Life

In a society that often teaches us we are not enough, Susan Lazar Hart, a heart-centered life coach and spiritual mentor, boldly changes how people think about their self-worth in creating a life they love.

When people transform lives and make a difference, they can be described as inspirational. However, this is an understatement when it comes to Susan’s mission of helping her clients see that they matter and can create a life they love.

“Living fully is our purpose here on earth, but so often we lose sight of what that is because of how we have been conditioned to play small and downplay what lights us up,” Susan says. “I guide my clients to recognise their worth in committing to create the lives they truly desire, transforming both themselves and their surroundings. This is the essence of what I call congruent living.”

Before becoming a global coach and mentor, Susan Lazar Hart was a full-time artist, driven by a passion for painting that defied early criticism. Despite an art teacher’s discouraging words, Susan pursued her dream and thrived in a fulfilling art career. Her artistic journey, however, took an unexpected turn due to heavy metal poisoning, forcing her to put down her brushes.

This pivotal moment marked Susan’s transformation from a painter to a visionary coach. Embracing her circumstances, she transcended her artistic expression to mentor others, guiding them toward living congruently in creating a life they looked forward to waking up to every day. Susan’s journey illustrates not only her resilience but also her dedication to helping others see their potential to create lives filled with purpose and alignment.

Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the profound impact of embracing life’s twists with courage and innovation.

She took this as an opportunity to redefine her life by asking, “If I turned around and looked at my life—what would it tell me about me?” This question guided her to pursue healing modalities and understand what it takes to change one’s thoughts so one can change one’s reality—a foundation she now brings to her clients worldwide.

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” by Mary Oliver is a pillar of inspiration in Susan’s work. Susan often works with women who reach a point in their lives where they question their direction and worth and have lost themselves in the demands of life.

Specifically, women in the “sandwich generation,” who care for both their children and aging parents, often question their self-worth when they are not in a care-giving role. These powerful women have become lost in their various life roles and wake up one day with questions like, “Who am I now when I’m not taking care of someone? Where did my zest for life go? What do I want to do now?”

Susan shares this kind of questioning is the catalyst to something bigger, but it can feel lonely because there is so much shame in wondering if there is more to life than just what society expects to make you happy.

Clients often come to Susan looking to change key areas of their lives, such as money, relationships, health, and mindset. After working with thousands of clients and students around the globe, one thing remains true: people want a life that truly matters, and Susan’s holistic approach helps them achieve that.

Susan’s proprietary model, The Congruent Living Method, is a holistic approach that replaces barriers like fear, doubt, worry, and self-consciousness with confidence and clarity so her clients can commit to creating a life they fall in love with every day. This process is not just about guiding others; it’s about creating ripples of positivity that benefit everyone.

“Creating a life that means something not only benefits you, it benefits everyone around you in ways you can’t even see,” Susan shares.

A cornerstone of Susan’s teachings is the concept of the higher self. She emphasises that our higher self is always with us, not something distant or unattainable. “We are so connected, yet trained at a young age to believe we are on our own,” she says. “Reconnecting with this part of ourselves involves embracing our emotions and recognising our inherent worth.”

In her powerful book Breaking Free, Susan encapsulates her insights and experiences, offering readers a pathway to overcome self-imposed limitations. Described as “yoga for the mind,” Susan shows the transformative power of self-awareness, curiosity, and compassion.

The Congruent Living Method Academy is Susan’s coaching program, which focuses on unlocking deeper meaning and connection through creating an expansive and joyful life. The Academy is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that encourages asking profound questions and reclaiming parts of us that may have been lost or overshadowed.

For those of us feeling like bystanders in our own lives, Susan offers a way to take back control and create a life we love. In the Academy, clients are taken on a transformative journey through nine different aspects: Connect, Own, Navigate, Grow, Realign, Unveil, Engage, Nurture, and Trust.

The immense power of being in the present moment is also a big part of Susan’s teachings. “How you start your day is what creates your day and can turn it into the most incredible experience that not only benefits you but creates that ripple effect that benefits all.”

Susan champions compassion and encourages people to ask, “What happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong with you?” This shift in perspective fosters a deeper understanding and acceptance of oneself and others. Susan is also constantly evolving and learning. Her future work, regardless of its form, will continue to be filled with curiosity, compassion, and service, spreading the message that we can choose our reality.

Susan’s approach is deeply rooted in the power of choice. Every decision we make influences the world around us. “If it makes a difference in my world, then it goes out and affects all,” she explains. This interconnectedness underscores the importance of appreciating ourselves, a lesson often neglected in our upbringing.

Susan Lazar Hart’s work is a testament to the power of compassion, connection, and contribution. Her dedication to helping others live authentically is evident in how she lives. She explores new places in the world, loves spending time with her family and grand-kids, and has turned obstacles into stepping stones to creating something even greater. Her optimism, strength, and fun-loving spirit inspire those around her to pursue their best lives.

Susan’s message is clear: we are all capable of transformation. We can create lives filled with joy and purpose by embracing our higher selves, respecting our evolution, and recognising our interconnectedness. Her work continues to empower individuals worldwide, spreading the belief that we choose our own reality.

In a world often focused on external achievements and material success, Susan Lazar Hart reminds us of compassion and contribution’s profound impact and ongoing benefit. Her journey is a powerful example of how living authentically and joyfully can create ripples of positivity that benefit not only us as individuals but the entire world.

“To me, living in congruency is all about living in the gift of life and being in harmony with everything we be and do.”

Susan offers her proprietary program, The Congruent Living Method, 1:1 client sessions, and other virtual programs. She is available for speaking and has many other resources at the links below.

Learn more about Susan Lazar Hart here: Discover how to live your life on purpose with the Congruent Living Self-Assessment!

Purchase a copy of the book Breaking Free here:


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