Chef’s Shepherd’s Pie


This recipe steps up the family favourite Shepard’s Pie by creating it with diced lamb instead of mince and slow cooking it in a water bath to intensify the flavour.

Prep time: 30 mins
Cook time: 3 hours
Total time: 3 hours 30 mins
Serves: 4

• 500g diced lamb
• 6 cloves garlic (reserve four for roast garlic – see notes)
• 4 tbsp butter
• 750ml beef stock
• 2 stalks of rosemary
• 100ml milk
• 2 tbsp plain flour
• 4 potatoes

1. In a vacuum bag place 2 cloves of garlic, lamb, 250ml of beef stock, 2 tbsp butter, salt and pepper
2. Seal and set at 60 degrees on sous vide for about 3 hours
3. Remove lamb from bag, strain and keep liquid from bag
4. In saucepan bring remaining stock to a boil, take out about 3 tbsp and mix into flour to form a paste
5. Stir paste back into hot liquid and whisk to remove any lumps and thicken
6. Add juices from bag
7. Reduce heat and allow sauce to simmer and thicken. Adjust seasoning to taste and cook for about ten minutes over low heat
8. Whilst sauce is cooking, peel and chop potatoes into cubes. Place in a saucepan and just over with water, salt water
9. Allow potatoes to come to a simmer and cook until a fork can be pushed through easily
10. Strain and place in a saucepan with milk and remaining butter. Mash with fork or masher until smooth and hot, add roast garlic
11. Add lamb pieces back to sauce and allow to simmer for a minute or two
12. Spoon lamb mix into either individual ramekins or large bowl and top with mashed potato
13. Cover with foil and grill for two minutes then remove foil to allow to golden under grill
14. Serve with your favourite green vegetables and enjoy!

To make roast garlic without having to have the oven on, slice the garlic and simmer in water until just soft. Drain water and add vegetable oil to pan. Cook over gentle heat until golden. A low heat is essential to avoid burning the garlic. The pre-boil allows the garlic to cook before gaining the colour.
If you don’t have a sous vide machine you can set a slow cooker to the lowest setting and use this – for meat such as diced lamb the precise temperature isn’t as imperative.


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