Although the world may be in turmoil around you, let the turmoil stay distant from your being. It is difficult to remove yourself from seeing and hearing such trauma and drama that goes on around you, around your being, but you are exposed to it daily because of the communication which is much easier these days.

Notwithstanding the dramas and traumas of what is happening in your life and in the lives of family and friends, there is also the traumas and dramas of happenings around the world that in the past you may not have been aware of, but in these modern times it is so easy to see, hear and discuss.

What are you to do in such times, in such traumas. How are you to cope? How are you to cope and move forward and not bring them into your being? A very difficult question you may ask. It is wise to practise not exposing yourself to too many goings on around the world because, what can you do about it? You can keep your vibration, your heart held high, and you can send thoughts of love and healing, and you can pray for a better outcome, a solution. That is all you can do, my friends.

But you cannot take the trauma into your being because it does affect your being. It does affect your feelings and your emotions and thus it has a flow on effect throughout your body, throughout your aura and out to others. This can negatively impact your being.

So, it becomes important to observe but to maintain a mental and emotional distance – yes, send love, feel sorrow, send love, send healing. Ask for a solution from above, from the Great Spirit. Ask that a solution be expedited quickly to help those suffering and those in need. But know you cannot afford to bring this on board within your own self. That is the most practical thing you can do.

If you take on the emotions of such awful situations that you see around you, you then help to drag your own sense of wellbeing down.

It’s a difficult thing to stay neutral and, if you should take some of this emotional trauma into your own being wash it away, wash it away, move it away from your own aura, your own auric field. You can help nobody at all if you allow yourself to be pulled down and down and down, until your own self becomes in a state of forlornness, sickness, and depression because of the effect that you have allowed such situations to be brought into your being.

You must observe from a distance and keep yourself upright and light and be grateful that you yourself are safe and well. And use your energies, as I said before to keep yourself brighter and lighter so that you yourself become more effective in sending love and healing to others. That is the way for you to help in such situations.

Now, of course, there are physical things you can do on Earth, but we are talking about your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of you.

The power is within you to send out love and healing. Maybe you do not realise you have such power within you. This is why you must stay neutral. Of course, you can be sorry but the way to help as I said before is to keep yourself up and positive and above the negativity that swirls all around you. And is created all around you. Be a help and not a hindrance by allowing yourself to succumb to the emotional trauma that goes on around you.

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Yvonne (Evie) is the founder of Owl House Arts – heart and soul services. Her purpose is to bring together products and services to bring healing, hope, love and comfort to people anywhere in the world who are having a tough time with life.

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