What is Your Lover Archetype? By Rebecca-Lee

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What it means to be a Warrior of Love

Governed by a strong third chakra, those who are Warrior Lovers have a strong intellect when it comes to relating and connecting. They love to connect with the mind and discuss and share all things knowledge and wisdom. On top of that, when they are strong within and have done a lot of person work overcoming their fears, they have mastered courage and are prepared to walk where most others won’t in love and life.

You are at your best when:

  • you are learning or sharing knowledge;
  • establishing structures in yours and other people’s lives;
  • organising people or projects;
  • standing up for others;

You have a strong will and most of you are happiest when you channel most of your energy into achieving your goals.  You have the mindset to never give up, so setting and achieving goals should be a large part of your life. Your mind is stronger than any other Lover Archetype, so you must choose your thoughts wisely. As a high-vibrating Warrior Lover, your healthy and empowered mind will ensure you get through all challenges. If you fall into thoughts of victimhood or start to tell yourself things are too hard, or you can’t do it, you will fall into a low vibration of Warrior Lover,  and your life will be far from what you wanted it to be. This will be a very unfortunate situation for you.

Connecting through the Mind

For those of you who are looking for love, you may need to break out of your routine to find it! If you have found love, and it feels stifled, you will need to break out of your routine to bring spice back to your life and reignite your love and passion for each other. Those in relationships be aware that you are not trying to constantly receive acknowledgement from your partner to feel better. You must learn how to feel quietly confident in yourself. Any behaviour that is manipulating others to give you constant approval and validation is unattractive, and you are better than that.

Getting out and playing and exploring will often bring in some healing for you on your life path. Don’t be afraid to step out and do something different every now and then. If you are coupled, doing this will help get your relationship back on track. Singles, this is where you most likely will find the love you need.   Know that your routines and structures are there to support you. But when your life needs something extra you may need to change these structures and routines or momentarily break out for a while to shift the energy around you.

Navigating you Love Blocks

You do tend to be better with someone who shares the same beliefs around you. When you enter relationship with someone who is a different thinker to you, it can be frustrating for you. However, if you can see that connecting with someone who thinks differently to you could be an opportunity for you to learn more or evolve in some way, then the relationship could really work.

You and your ideal partner will work best when you are BOTH balanced and comfortable in your own power and feeling confident. Consider your current relationship or how you are with previous partners. Are you willing to allow them to have their own thoughts without diminishing them for it and vice versa?

Ensuring that your way, or your knowledge is not dominating the relationship will be what you need to be conscious of.

On the flip side of all of this, you need to constantly manage your fears. For you might project to others that you are confident and in control and know it all, but on the inside, you could be feeling very insecure. You must constantly work with this. Whilst your mind can be your asset, it can also be your kryptonite. Ensure you are not overanalysing yourself or others to the point where it is blatantly critical. You could hold yourself and others to extremely high standards where, in the end it only weakens you and your partner.

Clearing the Path with the Unlock Your Love Blocks(TM)

Appreciate that you are not perfect. You don’t have to know everything to be in control or feel strong. When you walk around feeling you have to know it all, you shut yourself off to people. It is ok for others to know things you don’t, and it is ok for others to think differently to you. Just breathe when that is happening and recognise your tendency to see differences as a personal attack. It is often not what the other person is intending. This could be a life changer for you if you recognise this.

Self-esteem and confidence are huge issues for you, especially when it comes to finding love and being in relationship. You must work towards releasing your own fears when it comes to love and life. Get to know what your fears are, rather than hiding from them or pretending that they don’t exist. If you can be honest with yourself about what you are afraid of and nurture, hold and work with those fears, you will be so much stronger on the inside. This is your path to true authenticity. No more faking it until you make it. You will embody true strength.

Those on this path may also have to do some work with their inner masculine energies and also father healing. Healing our wounds with the masculine and, inevitably, our wounds with our father and our fathers’ bloodline will help clear blocks to strength and ultimately success.

If you would like to work more on unlocking and clearing these issues and becoming a better Warrior Lover, than look at undertaking Key 3 in the Unlock Your Love Blocks program.

If you would like to find out what your strongest Lover Archetype is, you can take the survey at my website – www.rebecca-lee.com


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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