Decision Making With Remote Viewing by Talia Stephens

I am someone who has struggled with making decisions. Especially with those big life decisions that would take me out of my comfort zone and scramble the false sense of self I had built up over the decades. The uncomfortable ones that you know you need to make…or they will be made for you by a proverbial tower moment. Even worse than that, non-decision that keeps you in a mundane loop of perpetual hopelessness.

One reason that I found myself in a state of non-decision time and time again is that I couldn’t seem to see exactly what the options were or perhaps there were too many options and I got overwhelmed and shut down. What I needed was a way to ease into the decision. Which was difficult to do when my mind ricocheted in a million different directions. So, I would go into a type of meditation called remote viewing.

Some people may use this astral meditation method as a delay tactic, but I use it as conscious procrastination. Go with me on this one, there is a difference. It allows me space to explore my options without the emotional investment or overwhelm. It is purely a state of observation.

When I meditate, I want to go on an adventure. Give me far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise and rarely am I ever disappointed. Some teachers say we need to quieten the mind and be in stillness, and that we do. But once you know how to soar above the frequencies of the monkey mind, you have access to a whole new astral world of discoveries. But, how do you use remote viewing as a practical tool to assist with decision making?

We all have connections to other realities and dimensions – constantly downloading and sharing information. We remember these connections and lives through astral dreaming, during healing sessions or daytime whisperings of another time and place. We can view parallel lives where a decision has already been made and we can view the outcome and consequences. We can view different timelines and potentials for our current life to also see the outcomes. It is important of course while in this state to keep focused on your initial intention. It takes practice not to get distracted by the pretty lights and side quests.

But Talia, why wouldn’t someone just ask the question and trust that they will be lead to the right decision? Great question, thank you for asking. My response to that would be, how many times have you received those promptings and either not followed them, doubted them or even noticed they were there in the first place? Our minds can be the spanner that blocks our path, but as I mentioned earlier, being in an astral frequency, such as remote viewing can offer options, a higher view of the consequences and outcomes without having to go through the emotional rigmarole of resisting a direct message from source. We can ease into the decision with inquisitive play.

For a simple visualisation, let’s imagine (because imagination is an astral frequency) your current situation as the face of a clock. All of the numbers on the clock are the different decisions and potentials you are currently exploring. The hand is the direction you choose to point your awareness to and at the centre is you, the infinite observer. In the astral realm, when the hand points to a different number on the clock, you have access to the memories that are contained in the frequency of that direction, decision or lifetime. You can follow the decision through to its conclusion as if you a viewing a timeline to see if that is something you want to experience. Another number or direction will offer different insights, gifts and outcomes.

Here is something else to consider while playing with this concept. The options and decisions available on that clock face are all on one particular vibrational frequency. So, if you don’t resonate with what you see there, jump to a higher frequency.

Once I have observed an option that resonates, aligning with a decision becomes effortless. It allows me to move forward without resistance and allows things to fall into place.

Remote viewing is a powerful tool that anyone can utilise for making decisions with certainty. Will it turn out exactly how you saw it in your meditation? Maybe, maybe not. There are so many other factors at play. But look at you go – you made a decision.

Happy viewing!

Connect with Talia at:

Talia Stephens

Talia is a teacher of cosmic wisdom, connecting her clients with deeper levels of consciousness to bring awareness and alignment with their divine truth and healing.

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