Do You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In? by Jules Kennedy

Recently it’s come to my attention that so many people don’t feel like they belong. This can be a really big deal in your life and is affecting your confidence level or can just be an annoying issue where you wanted to be part of something and it’s not working out how you thought it might. Everyone is different and so are the ways and depths that this can impact on your life.

Maybe it is that you don’t feel that you belong within a group and that could be a sporting group or friend group or at work and you just don’t feel that you fit. I had a client tell me that they felt as if they are a conversation stopper, as every time they tried to join in on the conversation at work the whole conversation just stopped and my client felt mortified. For this particular client, this was a confidence issue as well as a belief that required changing. Sometimes it may be a simple case of finding your tribe and the current people or group that you are trying to fit in with is the wrong choice for you.

Other times it can be a more serious issue that is worth a deeper look. Some people really feel as if they do not belong in their family and as a result feel lonely, lost and unsupported. These people can go through their whole life lacking confidence and struggle in relationships, jobs and in general they just don’t enjoy life. There can be a myriad of reasons that someone could be majorly affected by the absence of belonging such as being adopted or abandoned as a child. There is help and it is possible to heal from this and feel relief from the affects of these issues. It is possible to feel confident, accepted, important and that you matter. In such cases it is imperative that you find a healer or therapy that both resonates with you and works for you and don’t give up.

I recently was working with a client who was adopted and was at a place in their life where they felt the need to go home and connect to their land in order to heal and feel at peace. However, because they were adopted, there was some confusion as to which land was actually where they belonged. Was it where they grew up or was it where their birth parents were from. During the session it was established that the right place was where the person felt at home within themselves.

In any situation, it always comes down to what’s right for you. If you are in doubt a good way to receive accurate answers for yourself is to get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, put your hand on your heart and ask the question you seek answers to. Be still and quiet and the answers will come and as a rule of thumb, the first thing that seems to just pop into your head without you thinking it is usually the answer. Try not to overthink.

After that session with my client I received a channelling from spirit for them and I have my client’s permission to share it with you all:

“I belong to everyone and I belong to no one. I am part of the creator. I am everything and everywhere. I am the wind, the oceans, the mountains, the earth and the cosmos. I am the babies smiles and the tears of goodbyes. I need not search for my place of belonging or seek the words of belonging from others. No – just because I am – I belong. I belong to me. I am the highest love and I am warmly welcomed wherever I may go. I am always home. I am always loved.”

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Jules Kennedy

Jules is gentle and heart based. She helps people to experience a reawakening to love to transform their lives from emotional struggle and turmoil to flow, peace and abundance. Her unique combination of ancient healing techniques, intuitive/psychic gifts and her ability to invoke spiritual energy, wisdom and love into each session provides an extraordinary healing experience.

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