Dream Journaling by Talia Stephens

Our dreams are a compendium of our souls’ wisdom. Our travels to the far reaches of the universe are translated back through our physical consciousness as images, memories and insights. The nature of these translations can seem somewhat disjointed, leaving us bamboozled with the afterglow of a forgotten memory. But, if we can capture these experiences the moment we wake up, we can piece together the strategic breadcrumbs our consciousness has left behind.

I recently cleared out some old boxes and came across my dream journals. Journal sounds far too sophisticated for the scribbled, stick-figured mess written in notebooks. But they were fascinating to read. While most dreams were nonsensical and a delight to recall, the more profound scribbles were the ones I call astral dreams. Have you ever felt the sensations of still being in your body within a dream? These are the significant dreams.

If the mind is overwhelmed, it is unable to translate the experiences with logic. So, our consciousness will communicate with the body instead. Physical sensations are used as a key to unlock the message into this realm. When you write down your dreams, take note of any physical sensations you experience with your recollections.

While reading my scribbles, I came across a dream from two years ago. I recalled in the dream that there were parasites crawling underneath my skin. I could see and feel them as I pulled them out of my hand. Then, a tincture of oregano oil appeared. As soon as the oil was placed on my palm, the parasites disappeared. At that time in my life, I had several people and energies around me that were acting like parasites. My mind was oblivious to them. But the sensations in my body were loud enough for me to notice and take action in eliminating them from my space. I later found out that oregano is antiparasitic. How’s that for soul wisdom?

When you awake, even if it’s just a whisper of a thought with a sensation in your body, write it down. When you read back on your scribbles, you can meditate and ask for a replay. Imagine going into that part of the body and ask it to show you the message. Sometimes though, there is nothing to figure out. The experiencing of the wisdom in your dream state can be enough to integrate the lesson. Sometimes, the wisdom can lay dormant until such a time when it is required. Our dreams exist outside of the constraints of time and can hold wisdom for our past, parallel and future selves.

Speaking of time, another scribbled recollection spoke of a specific rhythm that the earth and time has. In this astral dream, I was shown that time is a pulse. I was ushered into a blue sphere that contracted and expanded out in a rhythmic dance with the pulse of the Earth. I felt both pulses separately, then they met at a specific point. It was like there was a brief pause, a quite point in-between both pulses. A zero point. The instructor that was there told me that when you are in-between the pulse of time and the earth at this specific point, that is the best place to be for instant manifestation. The pulse was recorded in my body for me to play with in my awake state.

The answers you seek are constantly being communicated to you. They come from the part of you that is limitless and beyond space and time. Write down your dreams, your sensations and meditate on the wisdom that is awaiting your invitation to be integrated.

What message is your soul is trying to communicate with you?

Connect with Talia at: www.allthatis.com.au

Talia Stephens

Talia is a teacher of cosmic wisdom, connecting her clients with deeper levels of consciousness to bring awareness and alignment with their divine truth and healing.

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