Dreaming Big! By Davina Herbert

I have lots of dreams – both big and small.  I have heard it said that when you stop dreaming, you stop living.  My big dream aligns with my vision.  This vision is to create a world where animals are valued for the life lessons that they can teach us.  In this world we all live an empowered life, where we listen to our intuition and the wisdom of our animal companions.  The result of this, is that people respect each other and the world around them and live abundant, heart centred lives.  I can and do live my vision now.  Every moment of every day I have a choice.  I can play it safe and live a small, constricted life that is not in alignment with my vision and values.  Alternatively, I can dream big and keep heading towards that dream, even in the moments that it all seems too hard and that I want to give up.  When I live from my heart, then like-minded people come into my life who wish to live their lives in a similar way.  Then the ripple affect comes into action.  As more people live lives that are authentic for them, then more people will see what is possible.  That’s how the world changes – one person at a time and it has to start with me. 

I do have to be aware with whom I share my dreams and visions.  There are some people that are not onboard with my vision.  If I spend time talking to them and listening to their views of what is possible in the world, then I sometimes start to doubt myself.  That’s when I need to do something to motivate me so that I can keep moving forward towards my vision instead of away from it.  One of the easy things for me to do, is to connect with my animal companions. This helps to ground me and remind me of the wisdom that they can share with us, if we but ask.  Lately I have also been making time on a daily basis to listen to motivational speeches.  When I listen to these talks, it reminds me of what is true for me – that animals have wisdom and it’s time to share that with the world.  When we access the wisdom from animals and allow them and indeed all of nature, to mentor us, then the world that results is expansive and abundant.  If this sounds like the sort of world in which you would like to live, pop over to my website and sign up for my newsletter https://thepetenergytherapy.com/contact-davina  

I also do private sessions with people over Zoom and face to face sessions for clients in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane and Moreton Bay areas.  In these sessions we unpack the wisdom that our animal friends have to offer us and how this can enrich our lives.  I look forward to connecting with you and your beloved animal companions!

Davina Herbert

Davina is the pioneer of Pet Energy Therapy and she uses her communication skills and an holistic approach to help restore balance for all your family- including the animal family members.

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