Experiences are the essence of life by LK Tommi

“Every day is a learning day, and the world is our classroom. Life is our teacher; choose your experiences wisely.”

The goal of this lifetime is to have lots and lots and a variety of different experiences, giving us a platform to learn from to nurture and advance as a person. Think back across your lifetime and notice how you have evolved over your lifespan. I love doing this with young people, and we do it as a timeline. We write down different ages and what we could do at that age. Young people soon realise how much they have already experienced and learnt from one year to the following year, and the learning does not stop as we get older. You might have noticed that the years are going faster, and the learning continues.  

Experiences help us learn the lessons of this lifetime or even past lifetimes. I am sure you have had some Deja vu moments, where you are pretty sure you have had this experience before. There are a gazillion life lessons to learn, and the experiences provide the platform for learning about our life’s journey. Lessons come in all shapes and sizes, some are small and feel like you could put that experience into a box, and other lessons in life seem to be huge, like a mountain, which are for the big life lessons.

The trick is to learn the lesson, as it will continue to repeat, often negatively if we do not recognise or understand the lesson. Even to this day, I hear myself saying, “I am pretty sure I have learnt this lesson”, but then I remember that there must be more to learn. The key is to embrace every experience. We can do this by stopping and listening to what the experience is teaching us. That is now my favourite part; however, it was not always my favourite part, but I rose to the challenge each time. It’s now the best part of any experience, and I love learning from every life experience I have. When I teach this concept to young people, they now get excited about life lessons and now often send me emails or ring me up and say, “I have just had this experience, and I learnt…..” That is pure magic and music to my ears. These young people will only ever now look forward to learning or understanding the life lesson that goes with the experience.

Sometimes, things happen to us instead of creating our life experiences in our lifetime. It may appear simple to think we can create our life, and we can. I love it when young people get the light bulb moment to create their life experiences.

However, there is a formula to creating a life experience. Part of the formula is to bring what experiences we want to have to our conscious awareness. Another part is to truly be connected to yourself and understand the experiences that you are having. The best is the creative part of the formula, which is to know which experience you want to create. When an experience is finished, the brain will actively look for a new one. If the brain does not know what experience you want to have next, it creates one. The brain will default back to what it already knows and won’t take the risk of looking for new experiences.

We all have unique life experiences and the ones I have, are not the same as the ones you will have, and yours is not the same as the next person’s experiences or your family’s experiences. It’s like our experiences have been crafted individual just for us and our lives. So do you want to learn more about creating your life experiences? Do you want your young person to know the formula of creating life experiences?

I would love to teach you the formula, then you can teach others the formula please contact me at:

Facebook: LK TOMMI

Facebook and Instagram: The Resilience Tutor

Website: www.thetommiconnection.com.au

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LK Tommi

LK Tommi helps children and families to cope with negative life experiences by teaching resilience skills.

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