February Soul Scopes By Marion Hutton – Evolutionary Astrologer

Welcome to February!

February is a month of renewal, progress, and making things happen after a period of planetary retro-gradation which had us feeling in limbo. From the 4th/5th all planets will be in direct motion allowing us to have some serious fun in the cosmic playground! Can you feel the energy surge?

We begin the month with an inspirational New Moon at 12 Aquarius. The magical potency of this Moon cannot be underestimated. We are feeling into the vision of our future selves and connecting with renewed hope for ourselves and our community. With Saturn in the mix, we have the commitment to lay the groundwork for tangible results that change our individual and collective realities. Uranus in this equation will not allow us to be anything other than our authentic selves, so any fixed thinking will hit our awareness like a bolt of lightning, offering the opportunity to adjust our mindset.  

Mars dances with Venus in Capricorn all month, reaching a sweet spot on the 17th just after Valentine’s Day. Think Viennese waltz meets quick step – classy, dignified, precise and masterful. That’s the exquisite balance of masculine and feminine energy that these two planets will bring to our world this month. Old school romance is on the menu too, especially for Taureans and Virgos! Achieving this will be more challenging for Aries, Cancer and Libra, so taking the lead will be the key to your success in love and relationships this month.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16/17th brings greater self-awareness of what is dimming our light, so that we can release it and allow more of our own soul’s light into our physical bodies. This is also a time of expanded creativity and expression of our authentic selves. Moon is helping us to drop the mask/s and be truly comfortable in our own skin. Only then will we resonate with our tribe and attract the people that accept us unconditionally. There is also a playful, romantic vibe with this Moon that will help to heal our hearts in some way. There is beautiful alignment between this Full Moon and the theme of the Universal Year number 6 which is all about love, community, family and group connections.

We enter Pisces season on the 20th, with the Sun moving into the sign of the fishes, heightening the potency of the water element in the year of the water tiger. Water represents our emotions, feelings, sensitivity, the vastness of the universe and depth of our souls. It bring us into stronger connection with the unseen realms opens our heart to oneness and the understanding that we are never alone. Pisces season is a wonderful time to heal, dream, create and flow with the Divine plan.

On that note, let’s see what the month has in store for each sign. Read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising) for a full picture and deeper insights.  


This month you will feel more comfortable and secure in your life, especially materially. Money is a central theme for you this month and it is best invested in areas that bring you a sense of security, belonging and physical vitality. Make plans now that your future self with thank you for. Turning your hobbies and interests into a side hustle or fully fledged business is possible this month too. It really is time to take your aspirations to the next level and go after your dreams to make them a reality. There is so much abundant energy around you, whatever you decide put your energy into will be successful. It’s really all about making yourself happy, whatever that looks like for you.


February is your month to face a habit or pattern that is keeping you small. It could be an addiction, limiting belief or past life trauma. It is time to re-write the story you have created and flip this stuck energy on its head so you can go after your goals and ambitions with confidence and certainty. You may have thought you had healed this part of yourself. Perhaps on a mental level you reached an intellectual understand the situation, but there are emotional remnants that remain in your body. Professional help is advised to help completely clear this from your entire energy system. A magnificent sense of freedom and optimism awaits you on the other side of this process. It’s up to you!


This month you have the ability to cut through emotional confusion and get straight to the truth using your logic, intellect and moral compass. You know what is right and you have the confidence to speak your mind without worrying what others may think. If there is a difficult decision to make, you have the wisdom to reach a decision that is fair to you and anyone else involved. In business, your diplomacy and professionalism brings people together to resolve conflict and work problems. Honest and open communication may be challenging but necessary and people will appreciate your direct approach. Use your brilliant mind to generate energy in teams and provide professional guidance to others.


A wish you have been secretly keeping in your heart takes flight this month. It is time to really feel into this dream, charge it with emotional energy, and connect with the joy of manifesting it into existence. Allow time to listen to the whisper of your intuitive feelings and do not dismiss anything that seems unattainable. Dreams are only that until they are achieved, but it is the feeling of your future self experiencing it that provides the motivation and energy to make it happen. If you can dream it, feel it, believe it and have unwavering faith that the universe will provide, there is no wish too big for you this month, Cancer! Unbridled joy and deep happiness are yours if you believe and are ready to receive. Dreams are literally Divine nudges to how we can best express our innate gifts and talents. Make that wish!


An exciting new opportunity may land in your lap this month, Leo! It will stir your creative juices and spark inspired action. Allow your adventurous nature to come to the fore and lead you on a wonderful new path that is being revealed to you. It may be the year of the tiger, but your regal energy is timeless and you know how to express yourself with warmth, charm and humour – these are your super powers for February. Say yes to new possibilities and potential to embrace your life purpose. Your energy and light is infectious this month and you will enjoy many fun times with like-hearted souls. 


Get ready for a month of sensuality and delighting in the pleasures that all your senses provides to your energy and mood. This is a month where you need to work intimately with the feminine energy of flow, receiving, accepting and allowing. Not driving, chasing or forcing. Allow your creative talents to flow into all of your activities this month as you have wonderful cosmic energy to bring your desires into material being. Birth and pregnancy are also significant to you this month, literally or figuratively. Activating your sacral chakra through creative play will boost your intimate relationships and sensuality. Let go of inhibitions and have fun!


Epic news! You are beginning a significant new cycle in your life this month. Start this new cycle with excitement knowing that all you have learned and all of your experiences have shaped you into the person you are today, and from which you can propel your life to the next level. The universe will surprise you in the most delightful way when you take action to align with your highest aspect. Pursue what you know you deserve by actioning those soul whispers to create a new phase of growth and positive change. Invest in your spiritual evolution and leave limitations behind. What served you in the past is no longer needed, leave it behind with joy and anticipation. Embrace your spiritual power and move confidently into this new era.


A new career opportunity or offer comes into focus this month. It is your chance to create something truly amazing for your life by sharing your creative genius with the world. The cosmos is lining up a special passion project related to speaking, writing, listening, publishing, perception, conversation, teaching or learning. Take imperfect action this month, starting with the spark of inspiration and fuel it with soul light so it burns brighter. This is the start of a new interest or person entering your life that will energise your spirit and blaze a new path. Enjoy the exhilaration this brings!


There is a peak emotional experience coming to you this month. This could be falling in love with someone or renewing the romance in a current relationship. It could be saying yes to something that feels emotionally fulfilling or allowing your heart to connect inward to self-love. Gut feelings are reliable and you can trust any psychic insights this month too. Open your heart to new emotional experiences that nourish your soul and create a safe environment for you to be vulnerable and share your innermost feelings. New hope emerges from deep within your being and everything feels right in your world. Deep peace and contentment abound this month.


It is important to pay attention to your intuition this month as you will receive powerful psychic insights. Allow your intuitive senses to guide you in all circumstances. Your ancestors are close to you at this time, so stay alert to any signs and symbols which confirm their presence and provide intuitive confirmation and guidance. Meditation activities are essential to re-calibrate your internal compass and connect with your psychic self this month. Revelations and psychic coincidences are on the cards for you too, helping you to trust in the intangible and unseen aspects of yourself more deeply. Your intuition is your best friend this month, nurture it, and trust it implicitly as it is your centre and refuge in all the chaos in our world right now.


Your material needs will be met in unexpected ways this month. It could be an error is corrected in your favour or something is received through random act of kindness or serendipitous fortune. Good news about financial matters is also indicated and you may have the opportunity to pay off a debt or put a financial plan in place which will help you to feel more secure. You are learning that money is just another energy form and it expands when you are in the vibration of gratitude for what you already have. There is a generous spirit of giving and receiving in equal measure this month. They say that joy is in the giving but it is also nice to receive as well. Open your arms with love!


Flexibility and adaptability are your greatest qualities this month as you create something magical out of what feels like madness and chaos. Focusing on the big picture will help you to rise above any challenges and forge ahead with everyone on the same page. Drama has no place in your energy field this month, there’s just too much at stake to entertain ego-based delays and agendas. Creative tensions may arise, but it is important not to second-guess yourself, follow your instincts and vision, don’t take things personally and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

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Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton is The Soul Awakening Strategist and pioneer of the Divine DNA Blueprint and the creator of Soul Scopes Astrology.

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