Feel Your Pain by Bonnie Baty

Pain is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is something I have come to befriend. When my body signals a pain point to me, I want to feel it. I want to know what it is, to explore, acknowledge, understand, honour, and celebrate it. I want to engage in such a relationship with my pain that it takes me on a journey to the core of why it ever presented in the first place.

You see, pain is freedom. And pain presents itself to set us free from whatever experience, pattern or cycle we find ourselves in.

Pain too, is our greatest teacher and wants nothing but the best for us. Our pain wants us to be the best version of ourselves but to be that we must unlock the stories that have kept us chained in mediocrity.

Whether pain has presented in the form of mental anguish or bodily sensation there is always a story that exists behind it, waiting to be discovered.

All our lives we have been accustomed to running from our pain by numbing and sedating it with painkillers and quick fixes. But what if we could allow ourselves to sit with it, honour it for what it is and allow it to communicate to us what deep down inside we already know on some level?   

I read an article in 2017 by a Canadian Self Sabotage Expert named Jason Christoff and was gripped by it. I decided from that point that I wanted to ‘un-sedate’ from the things that I had been numbing myself with. Things such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, wheat, sugar, dairy and processed foods.

I no longer wanted to cover or mask my pain. I wanted to feel it, unravel it and flesh the stories out of my body to see what they had to show me.

Within a week of reading that article I had smoked my last cigarette and sipped my last drink of alcohol and have been virtually free of it since. I also stopped drinking coffee because even though people often drink coffee for its stimulating effects, it is also a sedative and can lead to addiction causing irritability and withdrawal symptoms in people.

I know so many people these days looking outside of themselves for the answers to what ails them. They are constantly moving from one fix to the next, often treating the symptoms and not the cause.

In 2017, a switch was flicked, and a light went on for me. I told myself that I wanted to feel all my pain and release it. I wanted to step up and be the best version of myself possible because I can honestly say I had not experienced that yet, and in that I mean I had not experienced this aspect of myself without being sedated at some level.

I wanted to change for the better and I knew the way was through feeling my pain. I no longer wanted to be trapped in a life I did not want to be living. I wanted to replace temporary gratification with long term happiness, the type of happiness that exists from being at peace with life and all that surrounds you without needing to reach for something else to provide it for you.

If you’d like more information on ways to feel into your pain through the use of Medical Intuition which is a modality I have spent the past five years training in then email me at info@bonniebaty.com

Bonnie Baty

Bonnie Baty is an author, creative artist, medicine woman, qualified medical intuitive and home-schooling Mum.

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