Festive Eye Make-up Colour Tips (Continued from last month) by Kylie Eustace

Some inspiration for the festive season makeup is all about adding a touch of glamour, sparkle, and vibrancy to your look. Whether you’re preparing for a holiday, party, a special event, or just want to get into the festive spirit, we have some colour inspiration for you to check out.

The eyes are said to be windows to the soul. Being aware of the energy and vibrations of the colours you choose for eye make-up will influence the message your eyes are sending out. Whether choosing to give your eyes a soft and subtle, pretty look, or to make them vibrant and totally ‘pop’, colour will make it happen!

Important things to think about when choosing colours are, what mood are you in? What are you wearing and what is the occasion you are wearing this look too? What is the impression you wish to create? Do you want your eyes to pop or to look subtle or do you want your make-up shades to accent your outfit?

We like to be creative with colour, play with it and sometimes even break traditional rules! Read on for make-up colour inspiration.

If you want your eyes to really stand out, think of Complementary Colours, these are opposite on the colour wheel and are fun eye-catching colour combinations.

They create high contrast and attention. For example, green eyed girls look fantastic with burgundy shadows (a product of red) and red/ burgundy or magenta lipsticks tones will look great.

Blue eyed girls look fantastic with orange, rusty brown, peach or apricot toned shadows; all opposite to blue on the colour wheel.

Brown eyes look great with every colour but will look amazing with blues or purple eyeshadows. Gold and greens also look fabulous on brown eyes.

As a rule, neutral and natural tones look great on everyone and pinks also suit most people.

As you look deeper into the meanings of colours, you will find the colours you are drawn to  can tell you allot about yourself and how you feel. They may even give you extra energy, inspiration, confidence and help you correct any imbalances or even heal you without your being aware.

Analogous colour
These are hues that lie next to each other on the colour wheel or take hues either side of a colour. Theses colours are often found in nature and can look lovely worn together.

Triadic Complementary
Form a triangle on the colour wheel, any three colours that lay at least one colour apart. Complementary colour combinations like these add an an interesting effect to your make-up.

Monochromatic Colours
Are only one hue family in various shades or tints. For example, two or three shades of green or three shades of blue. These colours are wonderful to use for blending and shading.

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Kylie Eustace

Kylie Eustace is the pioneer of Kylie's Professional, a natural, ethical, holistic beauty brand. Kylie is a qualified, professional hairdresser, a salon owner, an employer of makeup artists and a 20+ year practicing professional, award winning makeup artist.

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