Finding Flow in Midlife by Lucy Becks

We all want more FLOW in our lives, right? It’s a part of our human condition to seek it whenever and wherever possible. What does FLOW mean for women in midlife? We all have our own ideal vision of what we would like FLOW to look and feel like. It’s like finding our GROOVE, some women are naturals at it, and appear to be cruising through midlife, but for others it may look a little different, taking more time to assimilate… We are all programmed so differently, and that’s what makes us who we are – divine individual beings. Our unique identity is our superpower! Life is a constant work in progress, continually evolving, often full of surprises, never knowing for certain what’s around the next corner. Life can throw us curve-balls, and sometimes our lives can change in an instant!

We could say that it’s a learning process to turn that FLOW switch on, which is plausible and true to some extent. So, how do we navigate and find our FLOW in an ever-changing environment, especially as a woman approaching or currently in midlife going through ‘the change’?

For women in midlife, we not only have the capacity to have more FLOW in our lives, but we also have the POWER to fully embody it! Stemming from our conscious beliefs and significant lifetime experiences, including our skills and tools, enables us to make the needed changes faster and more effectively. This comes with a sense of inner knowing, and increased intuition, as we move into the phase of becoming a wise woman – our divine feminine rite of passage.

Midlife women are often juggling a myriad of changes, which may be physical, emotional, or psychological, from experiencing perimenopause to menopause symptoms, evolving relationships, career transitions, and so much more. Often feeling a sense of overwhelm, anxiety and tiredness, wondering how to approach and prioritize these changes, not wanting to waste any more energy or last reserves left in the tank.

This is often the pivotal moment of our body’s way of ‘ringing the alarm bells,’ screaming for intervention! Reaching this point, selfcare becomes crucial, playing a key role. Selfcare at this stage needs to be fully embraced, as it could be a determining factor of how we live our lives in the future.

Managing and being aware of our physical and spiritual energy in midlife is essential. Stabilising our energy and having a solid foundation now will help manage any unwanted symptoms moving forward. Midlife is a time to slow down, take a pause, breathe deeply, and honour your body and mind… listening to the whispers of your soul. This is also a time when we are more aware of the choices we’ve made in the past through our experiences, and by drawing on our wisdom we are then able to gauge if they’re the right choices for us now in the present, which comes from a lifetime of fine-tuning.

At this stage of life, the importance of stability and security is likely to be at the forefront of our thoughts. Without both being stable, the Root Chakra will appear unbalanced or blocked, it’s the very foundation that we’ve spent so many years working towards.

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to feel ungrounded and disconnected. I love this quote by Rumi – “Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.” The answers are always within us, especially when we become grounded. In taking the time to reflect on the Root Chakra and engaging in practices to align and balance it, we are then able to cultivate a better sense of security and stability in our lives. We need to ask ourselves – Where’s my energy at? What emotions are coming up for me? Where in my body do I feel it?

With self-reflection and journal writing, we are more able to tap into the inner whispers of our soul, guiding us within to the answers we seek. Which leads me back to finding the FLOW in midlife and to re-igniting our capacity to balance FLOW in our everyday lives. The starting point is to get grounded, and to be aware of our energy, witnessing and allowing it to evolve naturally without trying to force any outcomes. This is where spending some intentional time on the Root Chakra will help stabilise our energy creating a solid foundation to enhance more FLOW into our lives. By truly embodying our feminine energy and embracing our ever-changing hormonal and emotional challenges is paramount to how we move forward, allowing us to fully step into our true state of FLOW.

My wish for all women (and men) starting the year in 2024 is to remember to SHINE your light BRIGHT! The world needs you, the Collective needs you! Here’s to finding the FLOW you desire in 2024! Lucy Becks, founder of Lulu Belle Therapies – Connecting with and supporting women in midlife through holistic wellness practices, spiritual awakening, and heart opening ceremonies.

If you are a woman in midlife and would like to explore the world of the 7 Chakra system, then Lucy invites you to explore her new online short course, specifically designed for women in midlife – Chakra Harmony: Empowering Midlife Women:

Try her FREE meditation on Insight Timer – Grounding with Mother Gaia:

Seeking connection with other women journeying through midlife? Join the Women’s Midlife Collective, Sunshine Coast Facebook group, women supporting women.

Lucy Becks

Lucy Becks is a talented intuitive reflexologist and pioneer of Lulu Belle Therapies. She also creates a beautiful women's circle online, and in person on the Sunshine Coast for women who are in their midlife.

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