From Construction to Natural Well-being by Samuel Turner

What if you knew when you woke up tired, sore, not 100% you could take a simple and easy plant-based support that would help replace those lost energies from times passed. A gentle natural support aiding the body to return to optimal function. These natural alternatives work not to alleviate symptoms or act as a band aid solution but to allow your body to have access to systems that rest, repair, and re-energise. Welcome to the world of mushroom extract where a lot is being said in today’s information about the fascinating world of Fungi. But it’s nothing new, these medicinal helpers have been around for many years in eastern medicine, used not as a cure, rather to support the body’s own functions. These ideas pulled me into the world of functional mushrooms and their use. I’m Samuel, allow me to share my story with you.

I began working life in the building industry and after seventeen years of being in a high stress environment, physically taxing job and surrounded by people that didn’t align with and led me away from my core values, I realised a change was needed. The nature of the construction industry left my body with constant aches and pains and a negative internal dialogue to match, forcing me to stop and rethink my life. Incorporating a daily practice of movement, namely yoga, changed the way I viewed the world, my life, and became the support mechanism that would not just lead me to who I am today, but would become a practice I now share with others. It was through this transition the use of mushrooms for functional wellbeing came into my life. Lions’ Mane was the introduction to my use of adaptogen mushroom products, providing clarity, energy, and long-term engagement through busy days. My research of the different varieties and their potential benefits deepened my fascination and the idea of accessing the natural support mushrooms have to offer. This was the steppingstone to the evolution of Bright Valley Mushrooms, where I started growing edible mushrooms, that then turned into tinctures and other supportive products.

Whilst the construction industry is now a part of my history, the lessons and pillars of house building have carried with me, where I view the practice of movement as fundamental to the foundations of life; like that of a house. Mushrooms nourish and support the body, like the bricks and mortar wrapping a home. Through meditation, clarity and mental strength provides top end shelter and safety as a roof does. 

Bright Valley Mushrooms is a flourishing grower and producer of medicinal mushroom products, based in Brisbane and founded by Samuel Turner. What started out as a personal exploration and sharing with friends, is now a thriving business supporting the needs of people across Australia. Bright Valley aims to provide high quality, effective and accessible products that boost your energy, support gut, brain, and immune function, with four flagship tinctures: Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail. Fundamentally, Bright Valley aims to connect open-minded humans through the natural source of mushrooms, leading with education at its core purpose. You can visit Bright Valley on Instagram @brightvalleymushrooms or


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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