Improve your performance for improved profits by Dr Liz Isenring

In the midst of winter, with coronavirus lurking, both employers and employees are under extra stress. Stress can have an undesirable effect on your immune system, and the chances of calling in sick are likely to be higher than ever this year. 

The good news is that you can help minimise the impact of COVID-19 by strengthening your immune health.

Make your health and the health of your loved ones the top priority by promoting healthy eating, regular physical activity and a positive environment. We all know there are no guarantees in life, but adopting a healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of getting sick. I also like to see it as an insurance policy. It means if you do get sick, you usually bounce back more quickly.

Here are some simple tips to strengthen the immune system:

  1. Role modelling healthy behaviours

Encouraging health behaviours needs to come from the top, so make sure you are role modelling healthy behaviours. When colleagues, family and friends see what you are doing, they will feel more comfortable and encouraged to do it too. 

  • Taking a lunch break

Chaining yourself to the desk or scoffing down a sandwich isn’t the best way to increase productivity and in fact, it may do the opposite. Taking regular breaks has been shown to help improve overall job satisfaction, productivity and mental wellbeing, boost creativity, and leave more time for healthy habits. This is even more important when you are working from home.

  • Walking or stand-up meetings outside in the fresh air

Having walking or standing meetings are an excellent way to encourage physical activity and regular breaks. It is a good idea to create a walking path around the workplace/home, and schedule two 10-minute walks each day to refresh the mind and replenish your mental resources. 

  • Providing healthy food options at home and in the office

Making healthier food choices available and promoting healthy eating in the workplace benefits everyone in the office, and it has been linked to reduced sick leave. Having immune-strengthening nutritious snacks to eat throughout the workday can help you stay energised and productive. Always have some fresh fruit, veggie sticks, hummus and nuts ready!

A healthy immune system is a good investment. Improving your health, fitness, and mental and physical performance can lead to increased profits. At LINC Nutrition, we support you to become healthy and stay healthy. For free nutrition and immune system resources, please click here

Dr Liz is a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Nutritionist, Dietitian & Director of LINC Nutrition.

Phone: 0434635090

Liz Isenring

Dr Liz is passionate about improving lives via evidence-based nutrition and wellness consulting. She's a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, author and speaker.

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