Is it time to thrive?  By Sal Holden

When we are exhausted and tired, our focus tends to go to the negative…..

To all the things that aren’t working, to all the pieces that don’t feel right, to all the ways we think we’ve failed, or aren’t good enough.

These stories and narratives can keep us stuck and paralysed indefinitely.

Especially when it comes to burnout and going through menopause, this can unfortunately keep us in a perpetual downward spiral. Creating more and more stress and dysregulation in our nervous system.

If you’ve been experiencing the following symptoms, chances are you could be in burnout:

  • Brain fog and impaired cognitive function and memory.
  • Loss of motivation, passion and spark.
  • Waking up feeling exhausted no matter how much sleep you get.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, dread and anxiety trying to get through your day.
  • Feeling overly critical of yourself or others.
  • Loss of focus, productivity and feeling that things seem so much harder, or take so much longer than normal to get done.
  • Insomnia
  • Craving sugar, high fat, high carb foods.
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, teary and feeling unable to cope with things.
  • Anger and resentment if anyone asks anything extra of you.
  • Feeling numb, blocked, stuck and paralysed.

Burnout was one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever gone through, and I know the pain, of feeling so much anxiety as a single mum and a business owner of knowing what I needed to get done in the day and not having the energy to do it, even though in the past I’d always been able to just push through…

Helping women to understand what the symptoms of burnout are, and how it can absolutely impact our mental health is critical, especially with all the current stresses and challenges we are facing as a society in the world today.

That’s why I’m running my 5 Steps to Overcome Burnout Masterclass in my free Thrive Facebook Community this month on the 27th of June at 10am AEST!

I’m super passionate about sharing the exact tools and strategies that I personally use every day, to support me to powerfully shift my focus, re-energise my body and to continue creating a life I love. These were also the exact strategies and tools that I used to heal my body from extreme burnout, where I could barely function for 2 hours a day.

So many of the women I speak with on a daily basis, often know something is up, they don’t feel right, but when they get their standard bloods done at their local Dr’s and told that they are totally physically fine, they feel so confused, because they don’t feel ok on any level, and I had the exact same experience.

The only difference was, as a Kinesiologist and Intuitive Holistic Life Coach, I knew without a doubt, that I was experiencing burnout, and I knew exactly what I needed to do to heal it.

If you have been feeling exhausted and tired and you’d absolutely love to get your health, your energy, your spark and your passion back, then make sure you join our Free Thrive Community below to access the live training on the 27th of June!

We will dive deep into the 5 Steps needed to heal your burnout and to get back to feeling amazing again and share powerful and simple strategies to support your body mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You’ll gain incredible awareness, as well as learn tools and strategies to support your wellbeing and most importantly HOW to implement these in a way that actually works, even when you’re tired and exhausted.

I am also so excited to be releasing my new “Thrive Overcome Burnout and Reclaim your Passion and Energy for Life!” book on the 7th of July at our Global Online Launch Event!

Join me online on Facebook at 4pm AEST to get your very own copy of Thrive at our Launch Special of just $0.99!

If you’ve been feeling exhausted and you are so ready to improve your health, your happiness, your joy and your energy, then make sure you don’t miss this!

Can’t wait to see you there,

Love and Blessings,  Sal x

Sally Holden

Sal Holden is a best-selling author, kinesiologist and holistic life coach who empowers women to radically improve their well-being and energy on all levels and gives them the skills and strategies to create their most Joyful Life.

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