Learn How to Trust Again By Laura Press

Francis and George were happily married for five years.

Until Francis started reading message after message from women her husband spoke to consistently behind her back.

Francis was shocked and immediately thought her husband was cheating on her. 

George was continually speaking to women on the phone and via text.

One specific woman was leaning on him, asking him for advice and help.

The conversations started innocent and with good intentions but evolved into something more.

It shifted into flirtation and inappropriate comments. 

This broke Francis’ trust.

She was hurt, confused and upset. 

And wanted to know why George needed to talk to these women? 

It made no sense to her.

They wanted to make it work but didn’t know if they could get past the lies, the pain, and the persistent question of ‘is he talking to someone again?’.

Francis was constantly on alert every time his phone made a noise, driving her crazy.

After a lot of tension, fighting and tears, they decided to make some changes together.

They worked on rebuilding the trust in their relationship step by step.

Francis’s pain started to decrease; they became more playful toward one another and discussed clear boundaries on what was appropriate and inappropriate for their relationship.

This brought more peace and trust into their relationship, and they are moving forward in building a more solid foundation for their marriage.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.- Confucius

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Laura Press

Laura is the founder of Wholehearted Breakthroughs, holds a Master's in Counselling, Guidance & Careers, Bachelor of Biomedical Science and is a Psych-K Facilitator and a Marriage & Relationship Counsellor.

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