Life is an adventure by Jacqueline Koloski

Life is an adventure if you allow yourself to be open to exploring it. I have had so much change in my life and these last few months even more so. I’ve had moments of feeling unsettled, overwhelmed  and a little anxiety inducing. I’ve always asked myself the hard questions and been honest with myself as to why I am choosing what I am. This depth of honesty has given me the gift of deeper connection with myself and how I show up in the world and my interactions. Have I been uncomfortable, absolutely. I now know that on the other end of discomfort is my new norm, my new way of life. Well at least until I go through my next stage of discomfort and ask more honest questions and shift through that. We are forever evolving if we allow ourselves to. Life is an adventure to explore, experience and embrace.

When I trust myself to ask the hard honest questions, I see the magic that shows up, the synchronicities and the ease of it all falling into place. This has always been my reference point when change is occuring, it all falls into place with ease. I know this is true for me. Have you noticed what your reference points are for you? What shows up for you to show you that you are following your life’s adventurous path? Have you taken the time to stop and pay attention? Or are you ignoring the possible adventures that await you? 

Here is an example of an adventure that presented itself to me and I chose to accept it. I was asked to do a presentation last year at a three day women’s retreat and I said no. At the time I didn’t feel ready to. I was in the middle of finalising my book Jacq’s Musings and it just didn’t feel right for me. I was asked by the organiser to look at the next one in March as she wanted me to present at that. I promised to look at it. Fast forward to the beginning of 2024 and my daughter is finalising when she will be moving to Adelaide. No dates set yet. In the space of 24hours I said yes to presenting at the March retreat on the 16th and my daughter came home to advise me that she will be moving to Adelaide on the 15th March. I shared my news with her and we looked at each other and said: “Road trip” and laughed. There was this feeling of magic as we discussed leaving dates for what we both needed. When I checked in with myself I felt calm, peaceful and at ease with it all. We made a plan of all that was required to make this happen and proceeded to book things in. Even booking a two week holiday with work for me was huge. It’s been over seven years that I have taken more than a week’s holiday. I love making lists and ticking items off. It’s satisfying for me. Within a week we had it all sorted: holidays booked, one week in Wollongong with family, presenting at a women’s retreat before driving to Adelaide in two days. Accommodation for Adelaide done and accommodation for half way mark done. It all fell into place with ease. 

The weeks leading up to our road trip adventure brought up many emotions for me as life was about to change for us all. I had lots of emotions around Talia moving out and what life will look like for me. There was grief mixed in with joy at the loss of the life I had to the new one that is still unfolding. What an adventure it has been. It’s been super uncomfortable as it evolves and changes and super exciting and freeing at times. I’ve allowed my emotions to surface and release, I find it healthy and cleansing. The beauty of being in allowance of where you are is that you move through it with more ease. Asking yourself questions and being honest with yourself is a beautiful gift that will guide you on your life’s adventure.

If you are at a place in your life where you know that a new adventure possibly awaits you. Here are some questions you can use to prompt you in seeking clarity to what is next:

  • How are you looking at your life? Are you seeing it as an adventure or something to just endure? 
  • What do you know needs to be changed? 
  • Where are you feeling uncomfortable?
  • What patterns keep showing up for you, that tell you it’s time for change?
  • What habits have you created to stop yourself from choosing differently?
  • What story do you keep telling yourself that keeps you where you are?
  • What story do you keep telling yourself that change or being uncomfortable is not a good thing?
  • What adventures would you like to have that you have stopped yourself having? Why? What are your reasons?
  • What would it feel like if you chose the adventure?
  • What is one thing that you can do today towards a new adventure?
  • Make time to take the steps needed to start your new adventure. You know it’s time.

Life is always moving, evolving and changing. Allow yourself to move and evolve. Give yourself the gift of living a life that is adventurous for you. Give yourself permission to choose for you. The magic awaits you. It is time to live your life with ease, fun and a sense of adventure and joy.

I offer one on one mentoring sessions to assist you in gaining clarity to create your adventurous life. You can connect with me at:

If you would like to purchase my book Jacqs Musings, you can find your copy here:

With love and gratitude

Jacq xx

Jacq Koloski

Jacq Koloski is an intuitive energy mentor and accomplished author, who empowers individuals to find clarity, heal, flourish and craft a life they love through her workshops and sessions.

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