Lower EMR levels with a spring clean by Gemma Gray

Usually when you think of spring cleaning, you picture blitzing the house and cleaning all those hard-to-reach surfaces that sometimes don’t get the attention in our regular cleaning schedule, however, it’s also the perfect time to deal with an invisible nasty – electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. Taking simple steps to safer EMR levels around the home is the kind of spring clean we can do anytime of the year.

EMR is emitted from all wireless and smart devices and our homes are increasingly full of them.

There’s plenty of research to show that prolonged exposure to EMR can be detrimental to our health. It’s important to reduce our exposure to it in everyday circumstances and the best place to start is in our homes.

A good first step is to measure current levels of EMR in our home, particularly the areas where we spend the most time. The next step is to identify the sources of EMR. Some of the main culprits include the Wi-Fi router, smart TV, mobile phones and smart appliances as well as voice-controlled assistants. There are also unexpected sources we need to be aware of including baby monitors, cordless phones and even smart LED lightbulbs.

5 top tips to reduce EMR exposure in your home

  1. Switch devices off

All smart devices emit electromagnetic radiation when in use so consider switching them off when they’re not needed. Turning the Wi-Fi router off when not in use is a great way to reduce EMR exposure. A plug-in timer can be used to switch this off at the same time each night and back on again each morning.

  • Get hard-wired instead of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Swap out Wi-Fi for hard-wired ethernet cables on computers, printers and other wireless tech. Opt for an old-fashioned wired phone which is predominately free of radiofrequency radiation. There are many resources online to show you how to effectively hard-wire your house and turn off the need for Wi-Fi.

  • Distance yourself from the source

Thanks to the Inverse Square Law of physics, distance is a key factor when trying to reduce exposure to EMF. The further away you are from the source of EMR, the better protected you are. Consider ways to increase distance from EMR emitting devices, e.g. relocating the Wi-Fi router away from the main living or sleeping area of our homes.

  • Create a ‘no tech’ zone

Clear out any tech and then set up an electronics zone, away from bedrooms, where all smart devices can be stored and charged on airplane mode overnight. If you’re in the habit of using a phone as an alarm clock, now is the time to purchase a good old-fashioned, non-EMR emitting, alarm clock instead.

  • Check your lighting

Modern lighting has seen the switch over from incandescent bulbs to energy-saving fluorescent bulbs which are high emitters of other types of EMF, as well as high levels of blue light. Artificial lighting affects not only your eye health but also disrupts your circadian rhythm leading to poor sleep.

Swap to healthier lighting such as the BioLight range from Block Blue Light. This is a full spectrum lighting solution that replicates the natural light of the sun at different times of day.

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