My friends, we recognise your efforts and strength. Strength is what is required right now. Strength of character, strength of personality.

Strength to keep going in these times that have been thrust upon you.

It is not easy when you wonder how you will survive these times, these troubles you have right now, in the turmoil that seems to be continuing – turmoil and troubles. Such challenges you faced, and you thought they would all be over.

We are here to remind you that we have your back, so to say, and we wish to let you know that we wring our hands with you, and we see the anguish and worry you have and that you go through. Nothing lasts forever. Keep that in mind.

Please know that we are here and all you need do is to ask for help, to tell us specifically what we can help you with and help you we will try our best to do so. It may not be what you think. The help may not be how you think it should be, but help will come. This, I am sure.

Breathe a sigh, breathe out the anguish, breathe in a positive and loving feeling knowing that we are there to support you.

This physical world is difficult. Lessons you have come to learn, must learn, are not easy, not easy for everyone, for everybody. Tell your troubles to us as you sit quietly. Do not keep your troubles inside. Do not keep your troubles inside so they grow and develop into nasty forms of negativity and hurt you inside and out.

Tell your troubles to us to, as you say, “to get things off your chest”. Ask for help and guidance as you sit quietly, and it is ok to vent your feelings and your worries and to ask for assistance and ask for guidance and ask that help comes to you in specific forms.

When you focus only on your worries and your troubles you let good things in your life be discoloured and happy moments will pass you by.

The fight between black and white, positive and negative continues.

And as you step along your own path do call upon others in your world to guide and assist you and to give you feelings of upliftment and hope that you may go on and upwards. Nothing can deter you when you put your mind to achieve something.

Yes, you might feel that life is a battle, a battle of wits. A battle in many ways. But pull all your resources you have within you.

You are very powerful. You are more powerful than you know.

When you despair, you dissipate your power. But when you pull your power within you, grab your power, and hold your power within you and call on the Great One for help and guidance and feel yourself becoming lighter and brighter.

There is always “light at the end of the tunnel”, so it is said. Look for that light and move forward on your journey. Nothing in your timeline, nothing that is trying to pull you down will last forever.

Your life is always changing, always moving, never stagnating.  As much as you do not wish to change, just think when you were very young you had to change to become the person you are now.  And you will continue to change in your personal, physical, mental, and spiritual development. That is what it is all about. It is all about your change and progress and upliftment, proceeding on your path.

We talk about the path; the path is all about change and your own development and upliftment and betterment of yourself both within and without.

That is all you need to do so you handle life’s troubles better, with clarity, with love, with understanding. And with help and guidance from the Great Spirit and your own guides and those who have passed are all there to help you if you but sit quietly, ask your questions, and listen and wait for the answer.

Go in love my friends.

Yvonne Fregon

Yvonne (Evie) is the founder of Owl House Arts – heart and soul services. Her purpose is to bring together products and services to bring healing, hope, love and comfort to people anywhere in the world who are having a tough time with life.

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