Mantak Chia: The Chi Factor By Vanessa Finnigan

Creating this story and edition this month reminded me of these words from a couple of well-known scientists: “Everything is energy!” and “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

A modern-day expert in all aspects of energy and harnessing it for healing is Master Mantak Chia, one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time! Not only has he taught for 45 years and has 55 books under his belt, he is the creator of the Universal Healing Tao System, which is regularly taught around the world. This month, I was fortunate to interview him and feel his joyful, heartfelt intent.

There is something mysterious, even magical, about the ‘unseen’ life force energy, and Mantak Chia has seen first-hand what can happen when we learn how to master our own energy.

From an early age, he was interested and involved with healing in his community. “When I was a child living in the village, the elders knew of a urine healing therapy. As I was a child, they asked for my urine sample, as they believed children’s urine is the highest quality. So I gave them some and they mixed it with Chinese medicine and gave it to the sick people in the village and it healed them. After that ‘experience’, I was very interested in healing, which got me into qi gong, tai chi and yoga.”

Watching tai chi and qi gong in the park as a child inspired him to learn more and better himself. And a fascination with how still the monks sat while meditating was a catalyst for change, as they taught him to still his mind and manage his emotions and senses. “I started training with my master and studying as much as I could, then after many years my teacher said, ‘You are now at master level.’ And I started to teach in Bangkok, then moved to New York and started my own clinic, healing clients with what my masters taught me.”

The ancient Taoist masters spent a lot of time observing the flow of energy, or ‘chi’ (the Chinese word for ‘breath’), which they recognised as the breath of the universe that moves through everything. Chi is the glue between our body, mind and spirit; the link between our perception of the inner and outer forces. Many believe the best way to connect with chi is to feel it. Our life hangs by this thin thread of breath, every second of our lives, and that thread of seemingly empty air brings life force into our blood and cells.

Part of learning about energy and consciousness is connecting with our sexual energy; that raw energy we have access to that strengthens the body, organs and spirit (the kidneys store part of the ‘jing’, the kidney essence). Mantak Chia encourages people to learn how to conserve and store this energy, as more sexual energy will help attract and multiply the primordial chi. He says men can learn how to control ejaculation, transform the sexual energy into chi, and then transform it up to spirit force. Women can learn a variety of techniques, including working with menstruation to transform the blood into chi and likewise transform it up to spirit force. Ultimately, there will be less blood lost and more will be converted into chi.

Mantak Chia has worked with people with physical and mental health issues, helping them to heal themselves and take control of their physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Eventually, his students asked him about offering a healing system so more people around the world could benefit, and so the Universal Healing Tao System was conceived. He says seeing people grow spiritually is the best gift; developing the soul and spirit energies is life-changing.

I asked Mantak Chia what, in his opinion, are the keys to a happy, healthy, vibrant life? He replied, “In the universe there is energy, light and sound, so that is what runs our life. Energy moves better when we are in a happy mood; when we are open and have joy, love and happiness and when we don’t have too much emotional trauma in us. When we are happy, the heart can multiply and radiate out more love. People don’t see that they search externally for happiness, which only fuels their ego (monkey mind), further sending the body and spirit out of balance. When we do the inner smile (a daily practice which involves smiling from within ourselves and from our heart), we call it the ‘creating cycle’ and when the heart multiplies, it can connect to the cosmic force and this force can charge and give us energy. And when we apply emotional wisdom and know-how to manage our emotions, we are not afraid of them and don’t make unconscious decisions, which again, allows us to further develop ourselves.”

This dedicated man shares his expansive energy and practices wherever he goes, teaching people around the world so they can be empowered to use these techniques in their own lives. “More and more are coming to me saying, ‘Master Chia this really works, I can actually feel the energy and it has changed my life and healed me.’ This is where helping one person at a time is important, as we need to first heal ourselves, then we can heal our neighbours, then our community, and so on.” He said, “When I practise the Tao exercises, I feel that I want to stay in this beautiful world longer, and am happier to serve this world for all life forces and humanity.

“I am excited to be coming to Australia next month. I will be teaching Taoist practices and qi gong, which helps to reverse ageing, regenerate organs, enhance sexual vitality, heal and prevent disease and enhance DNA renewal with stem cell regeneration. I’m also very happy to be joined by Lama Tendar, the chant master, and other amazing teachers.”

Mantak Chia explains in our new world, vitamins, drugs, surgeries and diets are no longer enough, we must now develop self-healing and self-development to master our wellness destiny. He is currently in the process of rewriting and updating all his books and adding new content. At the same time, he is building a new darkroom building at Tao Gardens Health Spa and Resort in Thailand, which people from all over the world can visit to heal and recover from any sickness, trauma, kidney fatigue, stress or surgery. This is the first health spa in the world to introduce the darkroom therapy and it’s believed to be highly beneficial for spiritual development.

In these times of spiralling stress and disease, could these ancient and modern energy practices hold some of the keys to vibrant living?


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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