Marketing Spiritual Businesses Easily by Lyndi MacRae

Sitting here on a wet Sunday morning, I was enjoying the sound of the rain falling through the trees as I pondered deeply what to share with you in this article. My driving passion besides playing my crystal singing bowls, is technology and smart client management systems. I’ll share a brief insight into where this deep passion comes from.

I’ve played on the web since my first child was born in 1996 with clicky hips and I was gifted my parents old 486 pc. I was stuck at home, alone and sad because my entry into motherhood was not as I had expected it to be. I was grateful for the computer and the internet, as it gave me a way to connect and interact with the outside world. My brother in-law taught me a few web development skills and it flowed from there, the web had set me free. So, it’s no surprise to me I’m so passionate about how the internet can serve you, and the tools available now can allow you to deliver a delightful customer experience. There’s no excuse not to!

I hear often ‘I can’t do technology’ or ‘I don’t have time to ______’

These are limiting beliefs you hold because the technology is unknown, confusing and you just don’t understand…YET! It’s also about priority.

I get it, when I hear those words, I feel your pain and frustrations. My thoughts are… “If only they used smart client management, that thing would be so much easier today!” You’d be less stressed and have more time. That’s smart client management in play, it’s a gift of time, it’ll give you time freedom. It starts with you mapping out what you do now, what’s the current process you go through for your customers journey to do business with you.

If you have a repeating process you do each day, week, month, year… which most of us do. This my friend, is where you can leverage personalised automation. Now, please don’t switch off at the word ‘automation’ and think, “err no! I love to be personal and connect with my audience”, and I love that about you. What if it was possible to do just that? To use technology, to use business automation so it’s easier for you to do business online.

We all seek connection!

When running an online training, you have to collect the leads and store that information somewhere. You then follow-up with information about the event and how to join (sometimes taking payment is also required). In my ideal world, when a person registers to attend an event, they get email notifications to connect and build the relationship or if it’s clients, they are kept in the loop of where to be, when and if it’s easy for them. They know that just before the meeting starts, you’ll send them an email with the link to join.

Now a meeting with one person, you can manage that as a manual process. What about having 15, 20, 30 people you need to send the same information to. And if they don’t respond, you need to follow them up again and again. Time consuming right? Imagine if you could trigger a piece of automation that will connect and engage the end user, and they get reminded until they complete the action…on autopilot. We’d celebrate your newly found time freedom and I’d then say, “welcome to smart client management!”

Let us know your top 3 needs so next month we can provide you with some useful strategies.

Stay healthy and Happy
Lyndi MacRae
Small Business Growth Strategist



Lyndi MacRae

As an Intuitive Business Mentor, Coach and Trainer. Author of #1 best-seller 'In Demand B.O.S.S,' Lyndi provides business growth solutions with heart, specialising in business automation and emarketing, using attraction marketing strategies. She also has her own Cacao product and hosts Ceremonial Cacao infused sound healing ceremonies.

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