Massive PURGING and a GREAT RESET by Shveta

You might be already feeling and knowing that what’s happening right now, at this very moment in your life, is propelling you to drop the veil and move into your sovereignty.

The current experiences in your life are not for pulling you down but catapulting you to jump quantumly to a higher timeline, creating a physical reality aligned to your higher self. We are falling out of the matrix, and the purging has begun. It’s like cleaning our backyard before setting a beautiful garden in there.

You choose how you want to move through the experience – break down or breakthrough. And know there is no judgment at all.

But if I may remind you – that you are the light beings with free will and freedom of choice, and these experiences are for your own higher good.

The rattling isn’t getting quieter yet; in fact, it will only get louder until a particular stage that is enough to move the Earth into a higher dimension in physical reality.

You may be noticing triggers, emotional outbursts, or situations where you feel like someone pulled the rug from under your feet. Pause and notice as it happened for a reason. You may not need the rug anymore. And it’s time for you to stand up without the rug or choose a different one.

If you continue perpetuating the victimisation, the more victim you will feel. And if you choose to stand up in your sovereignty, the more freedom you will feel. The triggers are pushing you to purge all that’s unnecessary for the following phase of your journey.

It’s time to offload the baggage that’s obstructing you from stepping into your higher purpose and sovereignty.

And with that purging, a great reset will occur. We are being prepared for THE GREAT RESET in human consciousness.

A gentle reminder for moving through your triggers and purging:

  • Feel the experience and allow it to move through in its own time – which may mean crying endlessly, curling bed for days, disconnecting from others, or whatever feels suitable for you.
  • Journal all you can feel.
  • The more you allow space for emotions to move through, the quicker and easier the purge. Ground yourself – go for walks in nature, drink water, sit in the grass, look at the sky, feel the wind on your face.
  • Pause and ask how I can look at the recent experience from a higher perspective.
  • Let your higher self guide you.
  • And most importantly, remember – you are not alone, and you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Ask for help!

At this time, my mission is to support other Lightworkers to untether from energetic blocks and trauma so that they can shine their light and stand in their authenticity which is so needed right now.

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Shveta is a software engineer turned intuitive therapist, an inspired writer/speaker and creator of Untethered Goddess. Her programs and sessions help women to unleash their inner goddess, leading them to live with authenticity and exuberance.

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  • Very timely! While its been a very unsettling time it’s also led to the great resignation where large numbers of people are leaving empty jobs to reflect on what is most in alignment when themselves. Remote working has freed people from hours of commuting. Exciting, albeit challenging times!


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