Mothers and Daughters: Let us Fly Together by Tatiana Savery

As daughters we all have a mother, and no different to any physical human, the experiences of both mother and daughter can be as varied along the wide spectrum of emotions we all can know.

As a single mother, I have raised two beautiful daughters both now young adults. This close bond can be a spiritual experience, in many ways a joyful communion with ease and oneness, yet also still be the ground where much growth happens. 

Our three musketeers adventure has not been all sunshine and roses, although I am fortunate to have been born with a different perspective than many which allowed us to have the unique mother – daughter experience we share. We are still continuously presented with what appears as outside influences to create our spiritual growth. 

What we must remember during the situations that arise to perhaps challenge us as mothers or daughters, is that what presents itself is always arriving for our spiritual growth. These can be silent judgements we hold deep within to be brought up and released, so we can become more aware. Everything is a reflection of what is within ourselves. This does not mean any abuse is ok. We must always remove ourselves from an abusive situation. However, it does allow us to resolve issues that can be seen as impossible, tragic and heart breaking.

Mothers and daughters can experience an intensity in many ways seen to be unique. I would prefer to shine light on the truth that we all share this communion with everyone. We are continuously making only two choices: to believe we are all separate or to believe we are all one. In this world, the only remaining freedom is the freedom of choice. It’s always between these two choices.

Once we accept this truth then when these challenging situations arise, we can choose the correct thought; how would we wish to be spoken to, or how we would prefer to be respected. From this perspective, we can avoid projecting our buried judgements on to others that show up to allow the release of incorrect choices buried deep within. 

Let miracles replace all grievances. This thought has allowed a communion with my daughters to be one with far more ease during the teenage years than what could have been tumultuous.

We experience a miracle every time we act from inspired action. When we remember with the correct choice we are all one.

A novelist wrote, “By allowing your mother to protect you, you gave her a gift.” What if we all can remember to choose love.

Can we each make the choice to forgive with our mother, or our daughters, to experience more peace within and in so all experience more peace in this outside world.

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Tatiana Savery

Tatiana Savery is an international healer, entrepreneur, founder of Love Divinity, Frequency Academy and brings empirical knowledge and research based in the fields of epigenetics, bio energetics, frequency technology, integrative nutrition and spirituality.

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