Open Up To Your Higher Potential by Trish Rock

Every day I see potential.

In nature, in life, in animals, in the world, in myself, and mostly in other people. It has been one of my amazing gifts that I came to this planet with, and the thing that has guided much of my work and passion.

When I am guiding, mentoring, or giving intuitive advice to someone the first thing I see is their potential. I hear it in their story. I sense it in their energy. I know it in my gut. Their Higher Self communicates it to me. This potential is often far greater than the person can believe themselves, and they can shrink from it.

I have learned over the years that knowing our greatest potential is one thing, being ready to know it is another.

Years back I had an amazing friend and coach that saw my potential. At the time, the imagery and scenario of that potential was too much for me. It scared me. I just could not see that I was good enough to be that and would be ridiculed for even trying to reach it.

I shrank away from it and energetically froze. Staying in a potentiality ignorance, until I was ready. And I became ready with inner work and growth, especially regarding my self-worth and value.

Now, I can see the potential in my own life and when it comes to others, well I can gauge the extent that you are able to see your own potential and take you just past that, so as not to put you in a freeze like me and to allow you to step into it with ease.

Do you see your own potential in life right now?

Let me expand your mind with the humble apple.

Many who see an apple, just see an apple.

However, when a cook sees an apple, she may see an apple pie. When a chef sees an apple, she may see a French apple cake. When a chemist sees an apple, she may think of a beautiful apple scent or vitamin. An artist will see a beautiful painting of an apple. A musician will hear a song about an apple. A director will see a magical plot involving an apple-like Snow White.

They all see greater potential, higher potential. MORE potential than simply an apple.

YOU are also this higher potential. You may see yourself as just the human with your name, doing what you are doing and being what you are being. Sometimes people will be in such low potentiality that they will say things like – ‘this is just my lot in life’.

But you have infinite potential just waiting for you to open to it.

How can you discover it and tune into it? Well, a simple way is to take a pen and paper and write. Ask yourself this question – what would bring me joy? Then write, without judgement or self-criticism. Write from your heart, not the fear and limitations of the mind.

You have infinite possibilities that already exist across all time and space. Tuning in to even a handful of them, without fear, judgement or criticism of yourself or others, and simply seeing them as possibilities and new potentials, could be the first step in actualizing them and more.

You are not broken, and there is nothing more perfect than the YOU you are right now. Tune into the potentials that could create an enhanced joyful and love filled adventure here – now in this reality you have created.

I can help you expand your current view and show you new ways of looking at all of this, to bring you in to alignment and expansion. 

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Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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