Oracle Cards- Part of my Wellbeing Toolkit by Jacqueline Murray

There are times in our lives where we want reassurance, confirmation or even validation about a situation or life event. I know I have needed this at various stages of my life. Many years ago when I was going through a very stressful time in my life, I started looking for strategies that I could use to assist me in making changes. These strategies needed to be simple and easy so as to not overwhelm me further and then not actually do anything. So I started off slowly and implemented one strategy at a time. Over the years I ended up accumulating a vast array of strategies and they are in what I call my Wellbeing Toolkit. Every wellbeing strategy that I have used is in this kit and depending on what is needed, I look within this Wellbeing toolkit and use the strategy that I feel is needed the most at that time. Sometimes I will use a few at a time, depending on what is happening. 

One of the strategies that I would use often was pulling cards from an Oracle Deck or Angel Cards, depending on what I felt drawn to and what I had at the time. For me using Oracle Cards was about me stopping, breathing and allowing myself to look within and reconnect to my heart space. It would give me the space I needed to connect with me, my soul, so that I could hear what I needed to know at the time. We always know what is needed if we look within. When I started using each deck I would read the book that often came with them. The book would share different ways on how to pull cards and what layout to use. This is how I started, as it gave me some guidance as to what to do. Over the years after paying attention to me and how I do things, I noticed that the cards had their own way of showing me what was needed. I learnt to trust that my process was what I needed for me, it was the way the cards wanted to get my attention and that was by flying out of the deck. If you haven’t used Oracle or Angel Cards before, take the time to read the book that comes with them and follow that. I invite you though to start paying attention to how you want to do it. What is your process? Trust that you will know and that each time the card that is needed for you at that time will present itself.

Time to set yourself up – tune in to myself and ask if I want to pull a card and then choose the deck that has the message I need. 

  • If you have more than one deck to choose from, ask – Which deck do I use? Sometimes I will pick each deck up and place it at my heart space and pay attention to the energy. What I mean is, each deck will feel different. You will be drawn to the one that is needed, so trust.
  • If you want to do some journaling after pulling your card, have your journal and a pen handy. 
  • Find an area that you are comfortable to sit in and will have time for you.
  • Make yourself comfortable. You might be outside, on your bed, in a chair or on the floor. As long as it’s comfortable for you.
  • Have your cards ready and hold in your hands and up to your heart space. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and relax. Start to focus on the cards while you breathe. 
  • As you breathe, feel into your heart and then send your breath upwards through the top of your head or crown chakra. As it goes out your crown chakra, see the energy expand out. It will look like the top of a funnel. For me, this opens up a deeper connection to The Universe, God or whatever that is for you. Then see the energy coming back down through your crown chakra and into your heart. I see it as a funnel of white light.
  • Once this happens, it’s time to shuffle your cards and ask your question. The question I always use is – What is it I need to know the most right now? This has been my go to question. Sometimes I will ask – What do I need to know the most about ….insert the situation you want to know about. 
  • Keep the question simple to allow clarity.
  • Keep shuffling till you feel drawn to stop. For me, when I shuffle the cards, the ones that are needed for me will fly out of the deck. It has always been this way. I learnt to trust that this is my process. You will find what works for you. 
  • When one card flies out I ask – are any more cards needed? I will keep shuffling and another card will fly out if needed. I keep doing this until I get a no or the cards stop flying out. If you are pulling cards from the deck, ask – How many cards do I need to draw? or pull one card and then ask – do I need to draw another? Trust that you will know. You are the one guiding this.
  • Once you have drawn your cards take the time to look at each card before reading the meaning in the book. Look at the card, really look at it. The colours, the details in the picture, the words, the number on the card. Take some deep breaths and connect within and hear what the message is. If you feel drawn to write down the message the card is giving you then do this.
  • Once you have taken the time to look at the card then read what the book tells you about it. I always use that information as an extra. I have learnt to trust that the message I receive when looking at the card is for me and the message in the book is extra. Doing it this way has given me the gift of learning to trust what I know is true for me and not always relying on what external sources say I need. 
  • If you feel like journaling more then do this. 
  • Take a few more deep breaths and give thanks and gratitude for the messages received. Trust that you know what you need.
  • Pack up your cards and go about your day. Know that you are loved and are being looked after. For me it feels like a huge hug from The Universe.

Would love to hear how you go using this strategy and what shows up for you. 

I offer sessions to assist you in connecting to you. If you feel drawn you can connect with me at: 

Love and Gratitude

Jacqueline xx

Jacqueline Murray

Jacqueline Murray is an intuitive energy mentor, assisting people for over 25 years. Maybe you have been searching, learning, seeking and know there is more, Jacqueline is here to guide you if you desire more harmony, clarity and a deeper connection to you.

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