Part 1: How to Improve Your Relationships by Rebecca-Lee

Good relationships don’t just happen, they require work from both partners. In my Unlock Your Love Blocks program we focus on what blocks we have on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. We look not only back to our experiences this lifetime that have created walls, blocks and patterns, but we also delve into our family systems and ancestry, including our past lives. 

So many things we experience as a soul, contributes to the type of people we attract in love, and the quality of relationships we have the capacity to create. Because a great relationship is “created”. Yes, there needs to be an initial spark as such: a congruence with each other; similar values and beliefs; and some kind of attraction – whether you are attracted to someone’s physical appearance; their heart, the mind and intelligence or there is just something “about them” that you love. 

All too often though, I see good people in relationships that have lost their way a little. They feel stuck or burnt out, or even resentful. Your Love Blocks can tend to have you: “cut yourself off”; or throw you into a spin; have you repeating patterns that make you feel your relationship is going around and around in circles; and ultimately have you feeling that there is no hope for your relationship.

Some people tend to feel it is their partner that needs to do all the changing and resentments can grow. 

Let’s have a look at some of the things you can focus on every day to help turn your relationships around. 

1. Take Responsibility for Yourself-

This is the most important choice you can make to improve your relationship. This means that you learn how to take responsibility for your own feelings and needs. This means that instead of trying to get your partner to make you feel happy and secure, you learn how to do this for yourself through your own thoughts and actions. This means learning to treat yourself with kindness, caring, compassion, and acceptance, instead of self-judgment.

2. Kindness, Compassion, Acceptance-

Treat others the way you want to be treated. We all yearn to be treated lovingly with kindness. We need to treat ourselves this way, and we need to treat our partner and others this way. Relationships flourish when both people treat each other with kindness. While there are no guarantees, often treating others with kindness brings kindness in return.

3. Learning Instead of Controlling-

When conflict occurs, it is easy to become defensive. The desire to “win” an argument appears. But when one partner loses, both lose. It is important to communicate your feelings in a neutral manner (not with high emotions) and listen to understand, rather than use rebuttal.

I will include 4 more tips next month in part 2 of this series.

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Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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