Standing Emotionally Naked Could Save Your Relationship by Laura Press

Imagine…standing stark naked in front of your lover.

Now imagine, standing there clothed, exposing all of your wounds, traumas, emotions, thoughts and feelings to them.

Which is scarier? 

A lot, of my clients find the second one terrifying.

Showing who you truly are, all of you, the scars, the hurts, your vulnerabilities… is enough to make any nudist or stripper run in the other direction. 

Nonetheless, standing naked could deepen your relationship in ways perhaps you have never considered, let me explain. 

Jessica is an incredible woman, she has it all together, except one thing. 

The notion of divulging to her partner what she actually thought, terrified her. Her voice would echo inside her mind of what she should say but still, she kept her silence.

She did not want to tell her partner that they weren’t spending enough time together, that he spoke about his ex too much and this created trust issues. 

Jessica reached out to me, expressing her limitations in the relationship and we started working together. Step by step, we transformed her fears and limiting beliefs into speaking her heart’s truths. (using PSYCH-K® & counselling). She connected with her actual wants, needs and true desires for their relationship.

Empowered by her breakthroughs, she connected with her lover from a benevolent place with a transformed energy and was able to communicate exactly her wants and needs from their relationship. 

This created a deeper intimacy, trust and connection in the relationship that didn’t exist before.

She was raw and honest; she stood emotionally naked!

Experiencing the tools, strategies, and processes to move through the emotional baggage that follows us into our relationships, along with ‘on the spot’ tools to open these challenging conversations are essential.

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honour the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection”.- Brené Brown.

We all long to be fully seen, heard, loved and appreciated. But for this to occur we must show our authentic and vulnerable self.

Here are 3 bonafide steps to make this happen for you;

  1. Acknowledgement of the limitations, past trauma, barriers, and emotions you currently hold.
  2. Transforming the limitations, past trauma, barriers, and emotions.
  3. Learning what strategies to use. 
  4. Putting it all into action to create a profound, authentic, honest, raw and loving relationship.

Learning how to stand emotionally naked in your relationship is the key to creating the intimacy and connection you crave and ultimately leads to a more fulfilling relationship.

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Connect with me at:

Laura Press

Laura is the founder of Wholehearted Breakthroughs, holds a Master's in Counselling, Guidance & Careers, Bachelor of Biomedical Science and is a Psych-K Facilitator and a Marriage & Relationship Counsellor.

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