Passion Ignited: Journal Prompts by Vikki Speller

Hey there, radiant soul! How’s your glow today? Are you feeling like you’re beaming from within, or perhaps more like the smouldering embers of a once roaring fire? Maybe you’re somewhere in between, flickering with potential. However you’re feeling, know that you’re not alone. We all have moments when our inner light shines brightly, we know exactly what we’re meant to be doing and then those moments when it dims, leaving us feeling lost or unsure.

As an intuitive women’s coach, I’ll be offering you powerful journal prompts designed to help you connect with what sets your heart aglow: stepping into the truth of your passion. You know, that fire within you that ignites your soul, fills you with joy, and makes you feel truly alive? That warm fuzzy feeling when you know you are on track and doing what you are meant to be doing. So, grab yourself a notepad and pen, pour yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, and let’s explore what lights you up and why it’s so important to follow your passion.

First things first, your passion is the spark that ignites your curiosity, fuels your creativity, and gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s the thing that fills your heart, makes your eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, and your spirit soar with possibility. Whether it’s writing, painting, cooking, supporting others, which I love, or any other pursuit that sets your soul on fire, your passion is uniquely yours and yours alone.

But why is it so important to follow your passion? Well, my dear friend, because when you follow your passion, you’re aligning with your truest, most authentic self. You’re tapping into your inner wisdom, expressing your unique gifts, and living in alignment with your purpose. When you follow your passion, you’re not just going through the motions of life, and yes, we’ve all been there, but you’re fully embracing the beauty and wonder of being alive.

Not only does following your passion bring you joy and fulfillment, but it also has a ripple effect on those around you. When you’re passionate about something, your energy is expansive. You inspire others with your enthusiasm, creativity, and the way you embrace life. You lead by example, showing what’s possible when you dare to follow your dreams.

So how can you start following your passion today? Allow yourself time to be still and connect to what your heart is sharing with you. As you go through your days’ pay attention to the things that light you up, bring you joy, and make you feel alive. The key is to honour your inner knowing and take action steps towards what sparks your soul.

It’s time to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and tune into your inner wisdom. Allow the answers to flow from your inner-knowing.

Journal Prompts

Reflect on a time in your life when you felt truly alive and inspired. What were you doing? What made it special?

What are you naturally drawn to? Consider hobbies, interests, and activities that light you up. Write down everything that comes to mind, no matter how big or small.

Reflect on your strengths, talents, and unique gifts. What are you naturally good at?

What are you curious about? What topics, subjects, or ideas pique your interest?

Reflect on your values and beliefs. What matters most to you? What causes or issues are you passionate about?

What did your intuition share with you about your passions and purpose? For you, my lovely, were born to shine. You were placed on this earth to share your light with the world. You were born to follow your passion and live a life of purpose and meaning. It’s time to stop holding yourself back and instead trust in your journey, and step into the amazing and unique person that is you!

If you’d like support to help you take those next steps, embrace your passion and honour your inner guidance, feel free to reach out. As an intuitive women’s coach, I’m here to accompany you on your journey, offering guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way. Let’s connect and together we can ignite the passion within you once again.

With love and blessings,

Vikki Speller

Intuitive Life Coach – Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher – Holistic Counsellor

Best-Selling Author – International Speaker




Vikki Speller

Vikki is an author, intuitive life coach and guide who empowers women to align their lives and connect deeply within. She has a passion for helping women to uncover their life purpose, cultivate self-love, develop intuition, align their energy and foster healthy habits and rituals.

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