What’s Your Lover Archetype? By Rebecca-Lee

 Are you an Empress or Emperor? The Emotional Lover

As a high vibrating Empress/Emperor, you embody the essence of flow, seeking joy for everyone, and surrounding yourself with beauty. Your emotional expressiveness is a gift, as you can navigate the landscape of feelings with courage. Emotional connection is your superpower, as you are able to manage the energy of feelings to help foster harmonious relationships.

You have a stronger need to express your feelings than any other lover. Not doing so throws you out of energetic alignment, and could result in some form of compulsive eating, or form of depression. Your love language resides in the second chakra so it is important to stimulate it through gentle movement, creativity, and engaging activities that can help you release blocked emotions. You also work best when you can be a creative or at least work somewhere that is appealing and beautiful to you!

Once you learn to cope with your feelings in a healthy balanced way – not suppressing them and not overly expressive (futile) of emotional with them – you begin to develop a deep emotional discipline, cultivating understanding and compassion for not only for yourself but for others. This discipline enables you the super-power to create more harmonious and emotionally connected relationships than any other archetype.

Connecting Through the Emotions

In relationships, emotional connectivity is paramount – especially for you! This requires you to not only be able to express your emotions in a healthy way, but to also take full responsibility for your feelings and not projecting them onto others, blaming others, or victimising yourself.

When you learn to do this in relationship – take full responsibility for your feelings – your ideal lover becomes your bestie where you can cultivate open communication and emotional honesty with self-responsibility. What a breath of fresh air when you master this! Being responsible for your emotions is your key! Allowing yourself to feel them and for them move through you is also important.

Navigating Your Love Blocks (c)

Depending on where exactly you are vibrating will determine how well and often you deal with managing your emotions. You may be aware that you have the propensity to be somewhat sensitive. Some of you will have learnt to shut this off completely, and others of you may still get completely overwhelmed by feelings. Most of you are more likely than not empaths, and part of your journey is understanding this spiritual gift, knowing, that sometimes what you feel is not your own. I have helped many empaths understand this gift and get their life in order once they know how to work with it. Recognizing the nuances of the empath-narcissist dance and establishing boundaries are essential for you to understand for the best relationship health.

If you are a struggling Empress/Emperor you may have bouts from time to time of feeling helpless. It could be your go to response to situations. How much work you have done on yourself to Unlock Your Love BlocksÒ will determine how much you have learnt to manage this. Resentment, guilt and either manipulating or being manipulated can be part of the terrain you must learn to manage. This can all lead to unmet needs from your lover and sacrificing your personal dreams for the sake of others.

What the Empress/Emperor seek in partnerships

Ultimately, you would love someone to hold you emotionally the way that you hold them. This can be difficult at times, because many Emperor’s/Empresses with their empathic natures tend to attract in those who are emotionally wounded or cut off.  This leaves you with the task of encouraging your lover to learn how to express their feelings and to understand and feel comfortable in expressing them in healthy ways. We are all here to teach each other something in relationship, and it is important to understand dear one, that you DO have the heart for this job. Even though it can be one of the most challenging.

The more you take care of yourself on all levels, manage your spiritual gift of empathy and remember the divine empress/emperor you are the more successful you will be at encouraging and role modelling healthy emotional expression to not just your lover but all those around you. You truly can lead in this way.  Regardless of this, you will need a lover that, although may not be as comfortable as you in the land of emotions, can or has the capacity to work with them and be open to exploring and expressing the realm of emotions. This is a must for you.

The Path Forward

You need to look at where, what and who you are hanging on to in life due to an unhealthy emotional attachment and the reasons why you keep yourself there. Feeling worthy to receive love may always be something you have struggled with, and understanding why and healing that will be life changing for you.

The Empress/Emperor’s physical well-being can mirror their emotional states. Managing emotions through gentle movement and creativity is very important so you do not succumb to unhealthy eating or other addictive patterns. Remember to play, laugh and find creative solutions to challenges.

Clearing the Path with Unlock Your Love Blocks (c)

For those seeking to enhance their vibration of this Lover archetype, the Unlock Your Love Blocks program (Key 2) is recommended. It delves into how best to uncover, manage and express feelings, clearing the energetic blocks of the second chakra, clearing feelings of resentment, guilt, shame and manipulation that keeps you feeling unworthy, addressing co-dependent behaviour, developing empathic gifts, and healing any mother/feminine wounding in this deep dive journey.

To find out your Lover Archetype and / or to sign up to Unlock Your Love Blocks(c) program visit my website at



Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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