Perceiving Peace Through Parallel Realities by Trish Rock

You can feel more peace in your life through meditation and connection but what about through times of change in your life where you want to create something new and are stymied by fear?

For the most part, we have been taught that the idea of feeling more peace is an inner journey or connection. Meditate, go within, calm the mind. Find the peace within and the outer will reflect that peace.

While this is true, I have found that in my life there were old stories and beliefs that kept me in a chaotic mind and energy around things I desired to shift and transform, even when I was experiencing peace through the ‘normal’ channels.

Have you experienced this too? Doing the inner work but still feeling anxious about taking the first steps towards that new career, a new relationship, the habits you want to shift. The feelings of insignificance, unworthiness, not enough or simply someone else’s voice in your heard saying ‘you are not capable’ and ‘who are you anyway to even want it’?

Far from peaceful, this keeps you in a roller coaster of working on inner peace and feeling great, then trying to create the new and allowing the fears and old beliefs to set in, sabotaging the way forward. Then calling in that inner peace again to come down from the ride.

I was there too. After years of doing a lot of inner work and self-development, I could reach a peaceful state and had a mostly peaceful energy about me but trying to transform anything in my life would fill me with the fear of rejection and failure. An old story I had been telling myself for a long time.

If only I could know what the transformed story felt like. If only I could find peace with where I wanted to be, and not have the fear of the unknown. Imagining the new was not enough to cut through the fears I had.

The first step in The PEACE Process – Perceiving Peace Through Parallel Realities – does this exact thing.

Taking you to a parallel reality where you already ARE living what you desire so you can feel the peace and ease of it. You can eliminate the fear of the unknown and peacefully take the actions in your life that will create the transformation you desire.

I was given the 5 steps in The PEACE Process one night at rock bottom, when I called out to Spirit to give me the answers that would work, for me.

And my life changed.

I started my first transformational process the next day and was surprised by the ease of it. This was different. I was starting with the end first, and…It worked! I wasn’t just imagining a new life, I wasn’t here- wishing I was there- I went to the parallel reality where I was the person in that life I desired, and I got to feel it and know it and REMEMBER it. And then I could fully believe it was possible, for me, and the parallel reality was a remembrance rather than an imagining.

Not only has my life changed in so many areas now but my clients are also experiencing profound shifts and transforming into new personas of entrepreneurship, confidence, significance, magnetism, worthiness, significance and more.

Sarah’s Story: Before I came across Trish I was feeling lost with my life. I knew there must be more out there, but had no idea where to start.

I was drawn to her workshops first and felt it was time for a new perspective. I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Now after working together in many different settings… Workshops, private sessions and my fav the High Vibe happiness hub, my life is calmer as I have shifted so much I was then able to look at the challenges of life with a different perspective.

Instead of getting caught in a whirl wind I can observe it, and choose my next step. The life skills I have learnt and implemented are priceless.

If you are ready to feel the peace of what you desire, of the seemingly unknown, in a parallel reality where you already are that, so that you can take the actions to create it with more ease and without self-sabotaging then please reach out here:

It’s time to live your best life and not let the old fears and beliefs keep you stuck, when you truly can feel more peace about the unknown and transform with ease.

Blessings and love xo




M: 0403 489 013

Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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