Publish With Purpose by Kathy Shanks

So, you’ve written your book, now what? You’ve put your heart and soul into your manuscript, but how do you transform that into a published book that not only captures hearts but also finds its way into the hands of readers? Publish with Purpose is a method of publishing that encompasses publishing, optimising, launching, and promoting your book. The intent of this method is not just for you to ‘get a book on Amazon’ but to get your book out with the best possibility for it to succeed. The world of self-publishing is very accessible these days, but publishing without knowing how your decisions affect sales and reach is a common mistake.

A Guided Journey to Self-Publishing

At the heart of every great book is a purpose—a message, a story, or a concept waiting to be shared. Publish with Purpose is your roadmap to ensuring that your book sees the light of day and reaches the audience it deserves.


The journey begins with publishing, where you bring your manuscript to life as a book. But it’s not just about converting words into pages. It’s about creating an experience that engages your readers from start to finish. It’s about editing, proofreading, and refining until your manuscript shines. It’s about using knowledge of your genre to reach and engage your audience’s attention. The most important part of the process is to ensure you make informed decisions that align with your long-term vision. There are a lot of decisions on the road to self-publishing, and these decisions will be easier when you understand the complete publishing process.


Before hitting the ‘publish’ button, your book should undergo a series of optimisation techniques. This involves making sure your book is not only well-written but also well-prepared for the market. This includes ensuring your messaging, details, description, cover, title, subtitle, keywords, metadata, and categories are consistent and optimised for reaching your intended audience and capturing their attention. Optimisation makes the difference from ‘having a book on Amazon’ to ‘hitting your intended audience on Amazon’. Mastering this step can assist in the exponential growth of your success.


Launching your book is an exciting time. But launching on Amazon, throwing a party and sharing on your socials isn’t enough. In this first launch phase, you want to spend the time to ‘teach’ Amazon about your intended audience. You can maximise the initial ‘honeymoon’ period that Amazon gives your book to build your BSR (Best Seller Rating) and behind-the-scenes indexing. You can assist your book’s long-term organic reach by maximising this period.


A book hidden on a shelf doesn’t make an impact. It needs promotion to thrive. In this phase, you’ll discover the power of marketing your book effectively. Our strategy relies on harnessing the potential of Amazon to master Amazon advertising; you’ll learn how to put your book in front of your target audience.

Unlock the Full Potential

This article merely scratches the surface of what Publish with Purpose has to offer. It’s a comprehensive guide that delves deep into each step of the journey, offering valuable insights, practical tips, and actionable strategies. It’s not just a book; it’s your trusted companion on your path to becoming a published author.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey of self-publishing, optimisation, launching, and promoting your book with Purpose? If so, Publish with Purpose is your ultimate guide. Get ready to turn your writing dreams into reality, one page at a time.

Discover more about this transformative book and take your first step toward becoming a published author. Available only at

Kathy Shanks

Kathy Shanks is the pioneer of Turtle Publishing and assists writers with editing, design, illustration, self publishing, optimisation for selling on Amazon, interior formatting and overall book writing support! An amazing service all under the one roof.

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