Spring – A Time to Renew by Jacqueline Murray

Spring is my favourite time of year. I can feel its arrival a few weeks before and its fresh energy starts to shift the hibernation layers of Winter away. It brings with it hope and endless possibilities as we feel the stirrings of new awaiting us. September the start of Spring is also my birthday month and for me it has always felt like Mother Nature and The Universe is reaching for me to give me a loving hug and a nudge to get moving, take action and clear away the Winter cobwebs. My heart expands with the possibilities and adventures that await.

I love to make time and space to sit with the energy of Spring and ask lots of questions around various areas of my life and I use a Spring Ritual for this. You can use it at any time throughout Spring to assist you to release and renew yourself. There is no right or wrong way to do rituals. For me they are about making the time, creating my space for me and then taking the time to do it. Here is the Spring Ritual I do.

Spring Ritual

  • Create a space for you. Somewhere that is just for you. I either sit in bed, sit outside on my back patio or sit on the floor. It depends on how I feel as to which spot I use. Keep it simple. It’s the Intention from which you do this and the time you allow.
  • Choose a journal and pen that you love to use. 
  • Gather around you your favourite crystal, oracle card, a candle and essential oils if you like. Anything that you feel drawn to have with you as you sit in ceremony.
  • You may want a pillow or blanket for some additional comfort. Anything at all that feels nurturing for you.
  • You might like to have soft gentle music playing. I’ve been using lots of frequency mediations and have found them to connect me on a deeper level.
  • Make sure when you sit in ceremony you have given yourself enough time. Let people know you don’t want to be disturbed for a period of time. Make the time to honour you and what you need.
  • Doing the preparation can also assist you in preparing mentally and emotionally. I know for me when I set the intention to sit in a ritual I can feel the energy of what will show up and it starts to stir. Sometimes if I’m not ready for what will show up, I will procrastinate and avoid it. Setting yourself up will assist you in being prepared and ready to take the next steps.
  • Make a cup of cacao or a cuppa tea. How I use the cacao drink or tea is to take a sip and ask a question and allow whatever is needed to show itself. (I’ll be running cacao ceremonies soon. Stay tuned for that)
  • Once you have gathered all that you need, made time and space set yourself up and here are some questions you can ask. 

Heart Connection Meditation 

I find that this heart connection meditation assists in helping you connect and look within. I use it to start the Spring ritual and throughout the ritual when asking questions.

  • Set your space up and make yourself comfortable.
  • Play your music quietly if you feel like having it.
  • Place your left hand on your belly and your right hand on your heart.
  • Take a few deep breaths. In the nose and out the mouth.
  • Focus on your breathing. Allow yourself to relax while focusing on your breathing.
  • Start to focus on your heart space while breathing and feel yourself relax deeper and deeper.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes.

Now that you have settled into your space, here are some questions to ask. Ask one question at a time and take a sip of cacao/tea. Then place your left hand on your belly and right hand on your heart and breath into your heart space. Take your time and the energy of what you need to know will appear. After asking each question and seeing what shows up for you, take your journal and write. Be gentle with yourself, with no expectations. Allow it to flow. I like to keep my rituals simple, especially the questions. I have often found that even though it may appear simple, once you connect within, ask and listen, MAGIC happens.

Questions for Spring Ritual

  • What do I need to release? There is a part of you that already knows this and maybe it’s time to acknowledge it and let it go?
  • What would my Higher Self like to let me know?
  • What would I like to invite into my world?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What habits would I like to change?
  • What would I like to create in my world?
  • What do I need to know about – family, relationships, career, finances, health, projects etc. You can just pick one of these. You don’t need to do them all.
  • What else do I need to know?

I hope you enjoy adding more rituals into your life and seeing the magic unfold. Love yourself enough to make time to connect to you and trust what you know. 

I will be holding Connection Groups shortly, where you can join me and others to connect within. These groups will be run monthly face to face on the Sunshine Coast Qld. Hope to see you at one.

I offer sessions to assist you in connecting to you. If you feel drawn you can connect with me at: connectingwithjacqueline@gmail.com 

You can also read my other articles on the Holistic Bliss website. 

Love and Gratitude

Jacqueline Murray

Jacqueline Murray is an intuitive energy mentor, assisting people for over 25 years. Maybe you have been searching, learning, seeking and know there is more, Jacqueline is here to guide you if you desire more harmony, clarity and a deeper connection to you.

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