Survive or Thrive – Now is the Time to Choose

Pivoting is to change your business and adjust to suit the environment around you. No doubt it has been a tough 2 years for business. And many of us have had to adapt so as to keep our business ticking over.  We have all had to pivot in order to survive.

Survival being the key intention for many of us.  Perhaps you were not online prior to 2020 but now have a website, social media pages and hopefully an email list where you reach out and communicate with your clients regularly.  Many businesses started using video conferencing, webinars and similar cloud-based software for meetings, consults, educational and others services to keep some stream of income flowing.

Either way I have no doubt in some cases it was done hastily and purely with the intention of keeping the business surviving. 

What about now?  Are you back doing face-to-face offerings at the expense of those processes you put in place in order to make a living while we were in lockdown? Or have you decided it’s easier and quicker to make a living purely online?

As we start to reorder our lives and begin to explore this new post-pandemic world you can be forgiven for being hesitant in your choices.  Many people still are hesitant.  Spending confidence amongst consumers may still be sitting above average but economist have noted a dramatic drop in spending.   This could be more of a result of other global and local factors but there is no denying we are currently in a transition period. 

And transition periods present an opportunity.

Many business people talk about transitions for times when businesses undergo leadership changes, acquisitions and mergers but just as seasons change, so does a business.  Sometimes we have to think on the fly, like with what happened at the start of the pandemic or we can take a few deep breathes and take some time to really consider our next steps with mindful intention.

 In my opinion this is where many of us are right now.  We are given an opportunity as we transition back into ‘normal’ life once more and decide how we wish to proceed.  This might mean for some of us we need to look at the last 2 years and work out what we will let go of and what we might refine and bed down more succinctly. 

All this in order to thrive.  Because now is your time to move ahead with a new intention of thriving in the current market.   Now is the time to stop trying to pivot.  Now is the time to innovate.  Schedule in your own business meeting with yourself and revisit your marketing strategies.  Be proactive and give yourself permission to move from surviving to thriving.

Deb Miles

Deb Miles is a natural therapist and the pioneer of Mindful Marketing who supports heart-based businesses to combine their love and passion for what they do with the logical, analytical and practical components that come with successfully marketing a business that experiences growth and longevity.

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