Symbols and Their Meaning: Little Blue Bird By Kate Denning

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing blue birds everywhere, from out in the wild, little blue wrens and more than I’ve seen in many years. Pictures on Facebook, art and even in my Crystal Ball only last week. I put up a post yesterday about this and a lady tagged her friend as she had put up a similar post but didn’t know what it meant. She had also been seeing blue butterflies which reminded me that I had been seeing butterflies flying around me for the last week too.

I remember the first time I saw a wren in a tea cup was when I was running a workshop on tea leaf readings. I didn’t know the meaning and had to look it up, and that same afternoon I had a friend request from a lady who’s surname was Wren and she is an artist with some beautiful work in a shop in Noosa on Hastings Street which I’d only just been admiring the week before when I was up there. The name Wren symbolises good luck, prosperity, and a strong spirit.

Now the Wren itself can mean small successes and stories that are passed down in the family. Messages being passed on from both passed loved ones and messages from the future. The Wren is determination, change and happiness.

It’s also the Celtic Zodiac Sign for June 10th to July 7th.  They are charming, self-motivated and caretakers. They prefer isolation and are easily distracted.

The blue bird is about spreading joy wherever they go. They are messengers, bringing good news.

The Blue Butterfly is rare and if you see one flying around you, in your dreams or repeated images, it means good fortune is coming soon and you are being rewarded for past efforts. They can also be messages from passed loved ones.  If you have been thinking about a passed loved one and see a blue butterfly that is confirmation, they are with you.

Send in pics of your tea leaves and I’ll pick one to go into the magazine for a reading. Send pics to Kate Denning 0411254880

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Kate Denning

Kate is known as the 'Tea Lady' and she shares her gifts as a Psychic Clairvoyant, Author, Public Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor.

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