Tapping into Your Unlimited Potential by Jo Le-Rose

Over the next year, I would like to guide you through a monthly exploration that delves deep into the corners of your psyche. Think of me as your compass, illuminating pathways where you’ll uncover hidden treasures and confront any shadows that can hinder your progress.

Our mission? To discover the truth of who you are and to realise your limitless potential within this dualistic world. To begin, ponder this: Why don’t I recall who I was before this life? You may catch glimpses, but the full story or yourself often eludes you.

Many ask: If I can’t remember my past, did I even exist before this life? Science tells us that matter is energy before taking form. This energy, indestructible in nature, implies that if you were energy, you also had consciousness – an innate awareness. And every consciousness has a source of origin.

It seems this awareness has been intentionally limited. Why confine such expansive knowledge within a human body, suppressing its knowing, its capabilities and source? Maybe it wants to experience something in particular.

What unique experiences does our world offer for an unlimited consciousness? At its core, our human life is more than just the magnetic opposites of duality, we have the scales of emotions. This underpins everything, from the abyss of despair to the peaks of euphoria, our consciousness is able to experience the full range of feelings.

Even as a child, before you could think in language, you could feel. Test it: Say in your mind: Imagine if there were no language. Observe your mind as it goes still and a profound awareness emerges. This awareness is your consciousness. Now ask yourself: Do I still feel? You will find the answer resonates within.

To go even deeper into this emotional self, reflect on your earliest memories. Recall your first bedroom—did it feel safe? How about your parents’ room or other spaces in your home? As a child, you sensed both the unseen positive and negative energies around you. But a pivotal moment occurred, usually before age seven—what I call ‘Your first point of powerlessness (FPOP).’ It’s when an experience causes the negativity to shift from the external to the internal. If you can find this memory, which is usually an occurrence from someone directing the negative at you, then you will understand how you took on the belief that the negative is now a part of you. It marks the point when the shadows began to dwell within.

This internalised negativity set many of us on a lifelong chase, seeking comfort in relationships and striving for material wealth. In truth, we’ve been fleeing from our own shadows.

Our journey together aims to break free from this internal strife, tapping into an inexhaustible wellspring of energy—your birthright. An energy that has the power to empower and direct your life, bringing you what you seek.

Until next month……Jo Le-Rose

Connect with Jo-Le Rose at: www.Jolerose.com

Find out more about her book at: www.Lifechat.info


Jo Le-Rose

Jo Le-Rose has a background in Humanistic Science and a PhD in the field, she has dedicated her life to understanding the depths of human potential and inner transformation.

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