The Art of Acceptance by Trish Rock

Acceptance is one of those words that has a perceived label and meaning to it that puts people in resistance to it.

Which is kind of ironic because in life there really is only acceptance or resistance, love or fear, to anything.

I was on a call recently giving a complimentary Inner Peace Audit to a lovely soul and the notion of acceptance came up in our conversation. She told me it was a challenging concept for herself and her clients because of the misconception that:

 Acceptance = Approval and Tolerance to a situation.

A lot of people feel this way and in my career of over 38 years, it’s a common resistance, especially when a person has done a lot of work on themselves but is trying to find a way forward from experiences in their life that still create sadness, anger, frustration, and victim.

My understanding of acceptance is different, and I have always felt it was about ending the inner conflict about a situation either past or present (sometimes future!) that has been worked through and finding peace in that moment rather than allowing that experience to keep having the emotional power. I assist my clients to see a new perspective that will enable a more peaceful feeling about the present moment and take them out of the resistance.

A lovely mentor of mine said this once and it has always stuck in my head:

“It is what it is…where to from here?”

Everything you experience in life is showing you where you could see more love and be more love, within and in all you see. It’s not easy and resistance to it is high. We have not been taught as a society to be present, loving and connected to who we really are. We have been taught that there always must be someone to blame for everything. So, the inner conflict continues, as do the outer conflicts.

Staying in that energy of resistance will never bring peace or flow.

So, how do you come to a place of acceptance in all situations in life?

  1. Remember and feel the wonder of the reality you see in front of you right now. It has taken 13.8 billion years for everything to be perfectly and divinely timed for that to be there and for you to be here.
  2. Acceptance of this moment, now, is not the approval, condoning, tolerance, or acceptance of anything harmful or not serving you or anyone that has done the wrong thing by you.
  3. Acceptance of the now moment is not forgiveness to those situations or people that have done wrong by you in the past (although it could be 😊 )
  4. Acceptance is YOU CHOOSING PEACE in your own emotions, life, and energy.
  5. Acceptance is deciding not to be in resistance any longer nor allow anything external to have the power over how you feel.
  6. Breathe in, find the presence of now. Find the peace, joy and freedom in that perfection.

Understand that the past and future are not who you are, here, now. You are love and you do not have to live in resistance any longer.

It is what it is…where do you wish to go from this point in your timeline and adventure? You get to choose.

Book a free Inner Peace Audit with me and let explore where you are holding resistance, find flow and help you create a life you love.


Trish xo

Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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